What is Tumblr and how it works? All you need to know

What is Tumblr and how it works? All you need to know | tinobusiness
What is Tumblr and how it works? All you need to know | tinobusiness

If you are in the world of social networks, you’ve probably heard of the famous Tumblr. This social network is a website that allows you to express yourself in a completely different way to the classics: FacebookTwitterYouTube and others. This guide shows you what Tumblr is and how it works.


What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social network and blogging platform designed to be different. The name comes from the English term “tumblelog” which refers to short blog entries (also called “microblogs”).

What is Tumblr and how it works? All you need to know | tinobusiness

Tumblr The main differentiator is the freeform nature of the site and the ability for users to customize their own pages in the manner that best pleases them. This is what makes Tumblr different from other social networks, as almost all other social networks often put limits on how your users can create profiles or pages and the use that users give to them.



With Tumblr have more freedom to create your profile and website


What is Tumblr? Yahoo answers this question

Tumblr was created by the company Yahoo! as an attempt to create a different web page. The lack of Tumblr limitations or rules on ways and types of content that are created, and the design of the page where the content is published, make it a unique social network.

The company says that Tumblr Yahoo! is easy to use and hard to explain, due to a high content of text and .gif files and other bands and videos. Surely you find something that suits Tumblr you because it is full of subcultures, business personalities and more.Furthermore, it is common to find online stores with good prices on Tumblr.

What is Tumblr and how it works? All you need to know | tinobusiness


How Tumblr used?


You can use Tumblr to share text files, audio and video and create your own blog


Having a Tumblr page is similar to other social networks. After opening an account and register with your email address and create a password, user name and URL of your website (if you have one).

URLs can be changed, which can help SEO. However, many users report that change the URL on Tumblr has had a negative impact on your site. It is best to start recording with a working URL and not have to change later.


The design of your page or profile Tumblr can be completely custom built or you can select from a list of existing issues can be found on Tumblr and through other external websites.

Moreover, most of these predefined themes can be adjusted in size, color and many other variables. Tumblr makes it easy to create pages for what you propose. For example, if you want to make a page to sell a product, you can add your choice of images, including product photos and logos used in this pre-site to meet him. You can take advantage of e-commerce opportunities that this site gives you.



How dashboard of Tumblr works ?

The home page or dashboard is the easiest method to add content to your Tumblr page.This page allows you to publish almost all types of text as well as graphics and video files.

You can also view and edit the entries that you have already submitted and will be different from other users as this page is fully editable. You can also see entries for other users that you follow, and some suggestions on the site.

Like any other social networking site a Tumblr page should be linked to your main site and your other social networks. You can also add other information such as your email address so that others can contact you.



Tumblr: Our opinion


We love Tumblr because it is highly customizable


What we like most about Tumblr is its total flexibility, which is an attractive option for those who want to take advantage of this social network feature to make money online, make known its business and focus on design details or strongly emphasize its brand.

We also like Tumblr that what you post can be easily shared and the page can be customized to your liking. It is also very easy to integrate and use with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


What is Tumblr? Conclusion

Tumblr is not always mentioned as one of the popular social networks, and the site has more than 100 million separate blogs, used daily by millions of users.

The flexibility of the site in terms of design and publication of contents is a useful tool for anyone looking to have a website to share ideas, music and video in a very easy way tool.


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