The image of the entrepreneur that you want to have

The image of the entrepreneur that you want to have |
The image of the entrepreneur that you want to have |

I don’t know if success has to do with self-image, what I do know is that when you see a successful millionaire person or an entrepreneur or leader, this reflects on your face happiness and welfare. It is a special glow that commands respect and above all confidence. In just see it like it has no problems, which have much money, that is happy and above all has a great personality.

That is the image that everyone wants but not achieved by many factors that then I’ll try not to be confused with the image of artists. The image of the entrepreneur is very important both personally and in business, nobody wants to do business with someone that does not inspire confidence or security. That’s where we work, the presentation of the person.

Most entrepreneurs do not care about their image, not because they want to but because they think it is not important in some cases and in many cases they do not have time for it. The time can be used for other tasks such as growing their business or other targets.


If an entrepreneur who differ is starting his new adventure, will know that he has to work several hours a day, sleep a few hours, just use a few minutes to take food and especially not waste time on banal things.


The trouble with that is that you can go to such an extreme that can damage the health staff and unlike good looks that are not fully recovered. So do not go for the extremes, the recommendation makes a schedule with a work plan and always respect it, take time to separate feeding, grooming and personal care, for entertainment and of course for personal health care.

Returning to the main theme; entrepreneurs who do not enjoy a good physical appearance usually not easily get support from investors and others who can support their launch or grow your business; save a few exceptions like the hippie look of a young Steven Jobs or intellectual aspect of a Bill Gates or clothing juvenile Mark Zuckerberg.


To accomplish great things we must not only know how to make friends and influence people, you also have to look like we are trustworthy, even before our customers. In saying look good I do not mean just makeup externally, we must also be in good health and always motivated.


All human beings have physical defects, but that has nothing to do with how we feel inside, if we are internally well and externally we are right then you are very close to model others. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, take 2 liters of water a day, sleep eight hours daily and periodic medical checkups will make things better in your life. Looking good is intimately and strongly linked to feeling good.

Let’s see some points of personal image that entrepreneurs neglect at first but then they realize the great importance in its business future:



If something is wrong in your body then you have many possibilities to have an anchor that keeps you moving forward. I mean, for example if you have sweaty hands, you suffer from gas, you have a bad odor or have any kind of infection or another discomfort, it will miss many opportunities for you because of these health disorders will feel unmotivated, you have an excuse for not succeed and the people around you move away. An entrepreneurs like challenges so if you suffer from any discomfort uses that willpower and take action to overcome it, if you can not alone, seek professional help, so if I do not recommend It is that you continue the same.


Negative mentality

Procrastination is a problem that afflicts many entrepreneurs unknowingly and is nothing more than letting business as usual. There are other problems such as stress, depression and other psychological factors that hinder the advancement of the entrepreneur. But there are ways to combat them, the important thing is not to let expire. When you are aware that you are stronger than your problems then you can solve and again if you can not only then seek professional help.


Improper toilet

Everyone from small have taught us to freshen up and we have acquired habits that we do not let up now. The downside of this is that not always the teachings we receive are full or maybe we did not put adequate attention. Many people are cleaned daily and really look clean and fresh, but that does not guarantee they have done so correctly. For example if you do not use the correct technique to brush your teeth can equally suffer from tooth decay, plus one brush does not give you the assurance that your teeth are completely clean, we know that you have to floss and mouthwash. From the above example, we can then conclude that if you notice that your toilet is not right, it is never too late to learn, consult appropriate as dentists and other people.


Junk Food

This is a term much used and refers to eating foods that though calm hunger no We provide the nutrients needed to be healthy. It is irresistible to eat an ice cream or a hot dog with enough mayonnaise although we know that is not good for our health, so you have to learn to control. In addition to causing health problems, eating these foods that can cause eating disorders undoubtedly cause weight gain and again the bad appearance, I’m not talking about fat people but poor appearance that is not the same.



It is inevitable for an entrepreneur unravel sometimes for work, but that does not stop, then it forces a sleep to recover. About sleep, experts recommend 8 hours a day, you can live on much less than that, but the sleep is indispensable to improve our quality of life and to make things right during the day requirement. A person with sleep or fatigue does not think or a person who acts as if he slept well. Better organize your time so you can rest the appropriate times.


Sedentary life

Although the life of an entrepreneur is very active, it may not be enough to be healthy, especially if several hours sitting is working, not eating at the appropriate times, you don’t do physical exercise and not eat healthily. To solve this, we must take action and join a fitness program or playing sports regularly or perhaps attend a gym in your area.



is very easy to fall into the vices this life, such as gambling, smoking, drinking alcohol, inadequate search companies, and others that I will not mention by any hurt feelings. This would not necessarily affect the normal life if they could be controlled, the trouble is that a defect can never be controlled without professional support. Better get rid of those negative habits/

Many entrepreneurs have failed because of the vices; if this is your case I recommend you to think, you look for help immediately, first of your friends and family, and after medical professionals.

For those who have only gone so high for a vice wasted, in the fall can be precipitous.

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