The advantages of outplacement services

The advantages of outplacement services | tinobusiness
The advantages of outplacement services | tinobusiness

Outplacement or “work shift” is a service that is becoming more popular in different countries, it originated over 30 years ago as an alternative support and counseling for those who lost their jobs because of the economic recession and business crisis, since it has been a useful and important for large companies and executives preparing to lessen the impact that a labor detachment tool entails.

In Colombia has slowly been growing demand by outplacement companies, especially multinationals and also by executives when losing their jobs see this service as an opportunity to quickly get a new one.

Although from the beginning the outplacement has been the target of opinions, on the one hand some feel that companies that offer these services fall into the trap of providing very general guidelines to the participants and to use ineffective methods, others, the vast majority are very beneficial not only as accompaniment in the search for a new job but as an opportunity to strengthen skills, receive training in order to reformulate their marketing staff and most importantly participants can get help dealing with a situation as traumatic as losing a job, getting quickly overcome the impact this generates a personal and family level, allowing to raise their self-esteem, motivation and confidence which are essential when relocating to a new job.

For different claimants is outplacement company or natural person, can take advantage of the following benefits that can be obtained in this process.

Advantages for a company:

  • It strengthens the corporate image both external and internal
  • Reduces the risk of labor claims
  • Contributes to the professional and personal development of the former employee
  • Raise motivation, confidence and productivity of those laboring continue with the company because they are sending a message that they are still his contract the company not checked out.
  • The company shows commitment to the welfare of employees and their environment.

Advantages for independent people or executives

  • Builds self-esteem
  • Promotes the acquisition of new skills
  • Support more easily assume new challenges
  • It provides training opportunity for personal and professional level
  • Help in finding and obtaining a new job

Although hiring outplacement services generate an additional cost, the truth is that it should be seen as an investment that can generate great benefits yes to this investment is not in vain should make sure before that the company with which the contract has positioning and extensive experience in the market.


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