Satrtups | 8 tips for choosing an incubator for your company

Satrtups |8 tips for choosing an incubator for your company |
Satrtups |8 tips for choosing an incubator for your company |

When we talk about entrepreneurship now we see it as something normal. A few years ago this was unthinkable. Which undertook was the weirdo.

But the venture has now become an alternative route to employment virtually worldwide. And this is largely due to the crisis we are experiencing.

But although we are going through a downturn, and entrepreneurship is increasingly molding society, this does not mean it’s a bad thing.

Think about this: often situations that put us to the limit, make us even stronger.

As we can feel desperate and pessimistic when looking for employment for example, also there is another part of our being that reacts in difficult times and decides to face all the problems, trying to find all possible solutions.

Do you think that if life was easier, humans develop their creativity in the same way? In difficult times, the human mind is the need to go further, be more creative and innovative, to seek new challenges and impose new models. For the simple fact that to survive and that is the only way to do it.



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Therefore, the good news is that the crisis has also been an opportunity for many! People did not dare to take the plunge and have been out of necessity, or people who have identified a need in this context and have been successful.





Ecosystem entrepreneur

In addition to the figure of the entrepreneur as a key factor in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of a country, other factors that have become an indispensable add even more value to this ecosystem piece.We talked about the accelerators and incubators.

Thanks to these accelerators and incubators, whose purpose was to help, advise, train and finance,many projects that were in the air, have become a reality.





Differences between accelerator and incubator

When we talk about these terms, we make the mistake of thinking they mean the same, but differ in nuance.

Business incubators are support centers that help you build your business. Physical spaces offer some basic services where hosting startups in the early stages.


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For its part, the business accelerator go a step further. It is an initiative to companies in more advanced stages, which enhance their development and growth.

Through a program established by the accelerator, the startup, in addition to counseling, receive training, to shape the originating idea to establish its business model, customers get financing.

Therefore, the main difference is that the incubators offer a physical space, while the accelerator do not have to have it. They focus more on providing advice and financing.

Another difference is that the incubator welcomes the entrepreneur and his project with greater involvement and longer lasting than an accelerator. Because in the latter program with a fixed term and with limited resources also develop.


The main accelerator and incubator for entrepreneurs

I am sure that this collection accelerator will serve to inform how aid accounts if you want to start a business and what are the options:

  • Wayra : Accelerator is promoted by Telefonica , international. Its mission is to encourage enterprises newly born and train them by providing funding to succeed.
  • Shuttle : it emerged Juan Roig, President of Mercadona . The program lasts one year and the aid amounts to 200,000 euros.
  • Rocket Seed : is incubator and accelerator. It offers special training and mentoring with successful entrepreneurs. It also has access to a community of investors in technology projects .
  • Connector : is the accelerator Risto Mejide. They provide mentoring services for entrepreneurs and mentors to assist them in their projects. In the Startup Day (Day Startup), mentors vote for the project and indicate what they would like mentorizar startups. As mentors say, entrepreneurs also indicate which mentors would like to have on your computer. Especially this accelerator seeks projects in the field of new technologies , which offer programs of up to 6 months.
  • Plug & Play : This accelerator maintains relations with capital firms most influential Silicon Valley venture and the best universities in the United States. He has played an important role in creating successful companies like Google or Dropbox paper.





What should I consider when choosing an accelerator?


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1. Mentors

Recall that a mentor is someone with more knowledge and experience that helps people with less experience and knowledge.

One aspect that must be considered when choosing an accelerator is if you have mentors and whether they are specialized in each area.

Accelerators that have good mentors are: Connector and Wayra, who have 4 or 5 mentors during acceleration.


2. Ecosystem

You must analyze whether the leaders of the accelerator is connected with all the factors that make up the ecosystem: successful entrepreneurs, universities, venture capital funds, business angels …

The more connections you have with all these components, growth will have a greater chance of the company in question.

We can highlight SeedRocket and Plug & Play as incubators with a good performance between the actors of the ecosystem.


3. Training

It is advisable that shall ascertain what training is offered during the acceleration process , those who perform and whether in person or not.

Many accelerators offer enough training sessions. For example, most offers is connector , which runs from 30-40 sessions.


4. Financing

What accelerator offers you more financial aid ? Currently more and they offer less aid and the few that do get through loans.

These include shuttle , Wayra , Plug & Play .

Shuttle recommend for you if funding is very important from the very early stages.


5. What are the requirements

Many accelerator you ask for something in exchange for participating in their programs. Most often asked between 4 and 10% of initial participation and financial support services.

Ask the least participation are shuttle and SeedRocket .


6. Networking

Depending on the accelerator may be, will contact a specialist or another sector.

For Wayra (Telefonica), if your goal is to interact with the telecom world, you’re in the right accelerator.

For shuttle , contacts are more power (John Roig, Mercadona); while connector and SeedRocket are more oriented to the digital sector.

Undoubtedly, besides visibility, networking contact you to help entrepreneurs, professionals and most important investors in the sector.


7. Connection with venture capital funds and business angels

It is essential that an entrepreneur when choosing an accelerator is set if connected with seed capital funds and business angels.

Thus, the entrepreneur may establish relationships with potential investors in the future in the short or long term.

The problem is that many are connected but do not spend too much time on this and other yet they are not at all well connected.

Those that can highlight a good network of investors are: Connector, SeedRocket and Plug & Play.


8. And then what?

Many will wonder if once the program ended, the accelerator is still worrying about the company. In many cases, the answer is NO. Therefore it is important to find a track that offers after finishing the program.


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From my point of view it is important that there be continuity of monitoring either through events, training or through a coworking space.

Accelerator as Plug & Play, SeedRocket or connector are usually examples of accelerators that have startups in their facilities, which began its acceleration previously.


We have mentioned several important accelerator, although depending on your needs you have to choose one or the other.

Did you know of the existence of a map detailing all the important players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem? And to what end?

In 2012, Javier Megías, he realized he needed a tool for entrepreneurs to investors knew existed and conversely, that investors knew that startups were and what they could invest.

And now, have you thought about what your real needs? Your priority is the economic issue, training or generate contacts to find potential investors?

I hope these tips help you to find the accelerator that best suits your business.


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