How to promote your business to get more customers

How to promote your business to get more customers | tinobusiness
How to promote your business to get more customers | tinobusiness

When you start a business, one of the most challenging parts is the effective pursuit of customers. Especially in the early months, many concerns that haunt your head: why I have few orders? Why I have barely subscribers? Why not convert leads into customers?

If something goes wrong in your business, you should develop a new strategy and review what it is that you did wrong so far, only then can move forward.


Years ago the way companies promoted was through radio advertising, newspaper or television, which involved a large expenditure of money and was impractical, because it was a small group of people who ended up buying product.Today, technology has been a breakthrough in this field, because with it much easier to reach the customer and is much cheaper.



A common mistake I have seen is that people create a website, which is vital to present your product, but never studied before who your target audience . Error.The first step to take is to identify your ideal client: what are their needs, their profile socio-demographic, why they buy your products and not the competition, where they are (if they are in social networks, forums, events ).

The next step will be to create the website. Being present online means immediacy, your client, without leaving home, visit your store, see your products and interested in them. If you want to promote your online store, your website will showcase and means by which to attract customers. Ideally, in the side columns of the web appear the products or services you offer and click on them to redirect users to a page where you announce what you offer. And of course you can not forget to place a visible and effective form of contact (a contact form would be a good option) to connect and exchange ideas with your potential customer.



In addition to these tips, I propose other strategies to help you get more customers:

1. Free samples (or ‘Taste’ if that’s a restaurant)

Free samples How to promote your business to get more customers | tinobusiness

For a person to review your product, you have to try it. Thus, if they like they can buy it and speak well of your product, either by word of mouth, social networks promocion√°ndote by speaking in a blog about you. Remember that the best marketing tool are your customers.



2. Cards

free gift cards How to promote your business to get more customers | tinobusinessThese will be your cover letter and also will not cost too much. The cards must be professional, creative, and have a legible handwriting. If you’re good at designing, you could do it yourself, but there are many companies that are dedicated exclusively to that and a good price. Once you have them ready, you distribute them to all of your potential customers, your friends, and owners of establishments to be left at its premises and its clients to the lead.



3. Social Networks

Social Networks  How to promote your business to get more customers | tinobusinessUsing the social networks you can attract more audience and sales to your business, posting interesting content to your fans, offering free advice, responding to your fans and asking influencers to disseminate your information or recommend you to their blogs. In this way, you can reach users who can meet the profile of your ideal client.



4. Discounts

Discounts  How to promote your business to get more customers | tinobusinessOne way to ensure that people try what you offer is offering discounts or vouchers the first days of opening a business. If they liked it, they will return and you will promote. It is important to provide special treatment and try to retain them.



5. Networking

Networking  How to promote your business to get more customers | tinobusinessIf what you want is promoting yourself and expand your network to more business opportunities, networking is the solution. The main base of networking is to build relationships with people in your professional environment who want to do business with you or with which you can do in the future. Take advantage of these meetings to sell indirectly, offer your business card, make yourself known and earn the confidence of all.


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