Top Best Tips | Opening a Hairdressing Salon Business

Top Best Tips | Opening a Hairdressing Salon Business |
Top Best Tips | Opening a Hairdressing Salon Business |

Now it seems that domestic demand begins to grow and that the economic outlook is more favorable, it may be a good time to consider opening a traditional business such as a hairdresser. Here are some tips for if the type of activity you want to start.

How much is riding a hairdresser?

Obviously, the initial investment is very variable depending on the size of the salon, the city in which it is located, and the state of the Local. It is not the same as going to start your activity on a site before and had a hair and where you only have to make some decorative changes and buy some furniture to opt for a place where there are many works to be done.

Nevertheless, you can estimate that you will have to spend between 10,000 and 30,000 € in furniture (depending on the type of furniture and the number of seats your hairdresser), at least another 10,000 € for decoration (interior and exterior) and if you have to do work, another 10,000 or more, depending on what you have to do. You will also have to buy a computer and some tools of hairdressing, so you can add a few thousand euros more. Also features two months of bail for the local.

In total, set up a small hairdressing costs at least 30,000 €, unless you make a transfer from one that is already running, but trespassers will surely ask you a similar (or higher) number.





The image is critical

One of the reasons why it is worth spending a little more on the initial investment when you ride a hairdresser is that being a business that revolves around self-image, have to take very seriously the image of your own business. Your customers, men, and women, come because they want to look better, which makes them feel better. It is very difficult to choose to go to a store that neglect your image because unconsciously associate the bad image of the salon with a possible bad image for them.

Therefore, it is very important to take care of every detail to have a spectacular design (albeit simple), and a perfect image in all aspects of your business, from the (internal and external) decor to the hairdresser uniforms of the people working on the premises. Everything counts.





The ubication

As for the restaurant, location is key to a hairdresser. Perhaps you remember the article dedicated to this key aspect for this type of business. The article is called to open a store: location, location and location and I recommend you read it because the success or failure to a hairdresser depends a lot on that choice. For example, if there is a street with heavy pedestrian traffic, you have to be on this street, not on the street perpendicular, although your local this just 15 meters. You may think that is very near and it is the same, but nothing changes everything.




Formalities to open a barbershop?

Things have been rather simplified in recent years to open hairdressers. For example, although still have to get a business license is no longer required to have before starting the activity. You can always start the municipality you communicate your establishment meets the requirements. And of course, it must be true because a few months a technician come to check to give the license.

If you want to know what they must meet local, I advise you to check with a professional in the sector (technical architect for example) because it can be variations depending on the city. In any case, the requirements are things like accessibility, safety (fire risk), sound insulation, etc.

Other possible requirements are related to the legal form you are going to choose. Basically, you have to decide between self and society. Usually, for a small hair salon that does not generate many benefits will compensate more autonomous, and for larger with larger, partnership, profits for tax purposes.

Finally, other procedures and requirements are those related to employees. If you’re hiring, you’ll have some additional social security procedures or your autonomous region, and also comply with the regulations in terms of occupational hazards.




Stand Alone or franchise?

There is growing franchises hairdresser, a trend that can also be noticed in the rest of the commercial sector and local services. Usually, a franchise is a little more expensive at the beginning and often take a portion of your profits, but in return you can bring a greater chance of success because it relies on the experience of managing many other establishments.



Alright. Now we got the basic knowledge of  “Opening a Hairdresser / Barber Business ” and yet this is not the end of this post. We gotta take some more examples from other people who have been on this field for quite a long time. And to make this article firm and helpful more for you, I have attached some videos that you must consider and it could be an additional information. So wish you all the best and hoping this article was helpful. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂




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