New Business Ideas List 2016 – 2017 (Part I)

New Business Ideas List 2016 - 2017 (Part I) | tinobusiness

I have diversified so that you have more options to choose the venture that best suits your investment possibilities, knowledge and skills. Remember that an idea can be great but it means nothing if it is not accompanied by a good performance. And for that make a business plan is important but even better if your plan is accompanied by action.
1. Create a coworking space. A place with shared resources where people who can not afford a formal office to rent a small work space.

2. Rental business. Check here.

3. Cafeteria. A classic food business that always has revenue potential.

4. Catering. Sale of food delivery for events.

5. Services digital strategy. A current business that requires knowledge of people who know how the Internet works and turn it into a magnet sales.


6. Personal Training. Create a service personal training and coaching, English tutor, musical tutor, martial arts or whatever your specialty.

7. Driving instructor. Start your own academy instruction for drivers.

8. Ice cream parlor. Acquires ice cream franchise and have a profitable business.

9. Office cleaning. Start your own cleaning company type outsourcing offices. Very attractive for those who can not have the ground personnel for this purpose.

10. Moving. You can purchase or rent a truck and provide the moving service.

11. Themed Web . You can create the web in your area or on a specific issue and sell advertising.

12. Prestamista. If a fund account, you can start this business of financial support for small businesses or individuals that require it.

13. Beauty Salon. Another classic business that is still very attractive and profitable is to build your own aesthetic.

14. Website creator. Every company needs and therefore a good designer that makes them mount their website.

15. Sale of healthy products. The health never gets old and nutrients either.

Today start a business selling this kind of products can be a great business idea. Well, this is the first part of our list of business ideas for 2016-2017.

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