Neuromarketing 4+1 Tips to Sell More | Stimulating the Brain

Neuromarketing 4+1 Tips to Sell More | Stimulating the Brain |
Neuromarketing 4+1 Tips to Sell More | Stimulating the Brain |

The brain is divided into three main areas. The neocortex is the brain analytical equipment that processes the data. The limbic system is where all the emotions reside. The brainstem and other brain structures are responsible for their survival. This part of the brain is described by psychologist Robert Ornstein as the “Old Brain” something like the  “old brain” and Seth Godin refers to it as the “Lizard brain” =“reptilian brain. “

The “old brain” decides what catches your eye. Therefore, it is very important.

Here you have 5 ways to stimulate the old brain with tips Neuromarketing

1. Be Visual

Of the five senses, the old brain responds more strongly to the visual sensation. In fact, processing things that are consumed nearly half of the resources of the brain, the other half is dedicated to everything else.

Council Neuromarketing: Use large images and videos to help you achieve your visual perspective.

2. Contrast Create

The “old brain” love the contrast. The contrast shows want to create your prospects to stay where they are today – the status what – is an “unsafe” decision and bring to you is the “safest” choice.

Council Neuromarketing: Showing the perspective from where you are right now is not a great place and where you can go.

3. Use the Emotion

The “old brain” uses emotions to mark things that are important enough to be remembered. Having an emotional response helps memories be stronger, while memories are still forming in the brain. That’s why people remember emotional events better, as your wedding day or when you fell in love, but can not remember what they had for lunch a week ago.

Council Neuromarketing: Put emotion in message that the key to make your message memorable after seeing it. Great brands do, like Coke or many others. The marks do not seek to inform you, they want you to love them: The famous Lovemarks.

4. Be specific

Neuromarketing Brain Neuromarketing 4+1 Tips to Sell More | Stimulating the Brain | tinobusiness.comThe “old brain” prefers a particular language to abstract ideas. The idea of an apple is something concrete for you. An abstract idea is something I’ve never experienced with senses. An example of an abstract idea would be to increase efficiency or productivity improvement.

Council Neuromarketing: Use visuals to a simpler complex concept and to make a more specific abstract idea.


5. Make it Personal

The old brain is concerned with survival, but for his own. It is not worried about the survival of anyone else.

Council Neuromarketing: If you are seen as “other”, you’ll have a hard time convincing your prospect. Use the word “you or you” to maintain a personal relationship with your customer and to show that you are part of their world.

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