Neuromarketing | 10+3 Tips to help you sell more | Business Tips

Neuromarketing | 10+3 Tips to help you sell more | Business Tips |
Neuromarketing | 10+3 Tips to help you sell more | Business Tips |

As entrepreneurs, we need to be all the time selling ideas, products and services; but ironically, selling is not something that is very easy to all entrepreneurs.

Jurgen Klaric, neuromarketing expert, has spent years studying the human mind and has made interesting findings about consumer behavior and how you can sell more without wear us both.

Neuromarketing tips Jurgen KlaricJürgen offered a free streaming in which more than 11 thousand entrepreneurs and businessmen. The central theme was “Neuroventas”, an area of neuromarketing that focuses on science and sample sales professionals how to sell more and better.

Hard streaming over an hour and Jürgen answered several questions through the hashtag #Neuroventasjk. Here we share 13 most interesting facts that were mentioned during the event and that insurance will help you sell more effectively. Take note!:


    1. Promoting “buy 3 for the price of 2”, it is more powerful than “50% off”. With this it is found that the mind is more emotional than rational.
    2. If you sell technology to a man, put 30 options. If you sell technology to a woman, put 3 options.
    3. If you sell clothes to a man, put 3 options. If you sell clothes to a woman, put 30 options.
    4. Stops selling office furniture and starts selling “Better productivity”; but not enough to speak, you must comply.
    5. You have to sell unsold. The brain blocks the “quackery”.
    6. If you have a business travel or tourism, travel stop selling and start selling ” Memories never to forget you “and so people will buy you more.
    7. The brain loves the number 3. Nobody explains it, but put, for example, three products together, gives very good results.
    8. Talk less and listen more.
    9. The brain loves to hear the “You” when we pay attention.
    10. From the brains of 60 men and women begin to work about the same. Fears are accelerated brutally.
    11. Women talk three times more than men. If you are a woman and a man selling, speaking 3 times less; if you sell a man and a woman, speaking 3 times.
    12. Fear sells.
    13. The effectiveness of neuromarketing is because the mind is 80% organic and 20% culture.

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Interesting, right?Do you dare to implement these tips?



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