Must Know | How to start a cafeteria business

Must Know | How to start a cafeteria business | tinobusiness

BUSINESS IDEA. I invite you to take a good coffee and  take the opportunity to comment on the idea of mounting a coffeehouse

Cafeteria : Called in different ways: coffee bar, coffee shop, coffee house, cafe, or coffee, is an establishment for public service with a counter and a few tables where coffee of different kinds, flavors served  and presentations as well as other beverages and simple meals or pastries.

Those customers are served over the counter or bar for a quick light duty or at tables where diners have more time to enjoy a good coffee and a good accompaniment, as the cafeteria as well as coffee, offers refreshments, juices, smoothies, chocolate, hot and cold meals such as sandwiches or grilled, dishes, toast, desserts, ice cream and pastries variety of quality.

A cafe well possessed in its market has very high-profit margins.

The opportunity and the market

The first point to be taken into account to set up a business of cafeteria is to be a felt need for a specific audience, structured in such a way that it becomes a profitable investment.


It is very important to analyze well the site or place where will be located the cafeteria; know clearly what your market is, your target audience, and what features it has. The clearest example is an office sector (a place closer to any company or working share).


Identifying the need and the market continue the organization:

  • Make an assessment of the competition and see how it can be improved to offer both price and quality.
  • Arrange operating permits as required.
  • Formulate a projection of costs and expenses and ensure you have sufficient funds to make the business run smoothly liquidity until the balance point is reached.
  • Take out insurance to cover the establishment and customers.
  • Making adjustments in terms of decoration and layout.
  • Buy the equipment required.

Like any public institution, dedicated to providing food and drink, the café has to meet certain requirements to succeed.

The room must have adequate ventilation and protective from equipment fires. The furniture should be well distributed to avoid traffic and customer convenience, nobody likes to eat and give the neighbor nudges the other table or receive it, so it is very important to space.

The team

Machinery, equipment and furniture shop is one of the factors that more attention should be given because the investment can be substantial. Very carefully analyze that will occupy according to the size of the business, the ability of customers to serve, the kind of products that will sell, the demand for quality, service and agility.

Among other we can list the following.

·          Trays. ·          Full Loza.
·          Urns. ·          Linen.
·          Blender. ·          Coffee machines.
·          Cash register. ·          Tables and chairs.
·          Cold store. ·          Mill.
·          Glassware. ·          Bar with their seats.
·          Covered. ·          Ambient music.
·          Cleaning equipment. ·          Mincer ice.
·          Safety equipment. ·          Iron.
·          Shelves. ·          Napkin rings, sugar, other
·          Juicer. ·          TV.
·          Microwave. ·          Vacuum milk.
·          Toaster oven. ·          Shredder.
·          Blender. ·          Fans.


If you do not have the necessary knowledge in kinds of coffee, you should hire a barista trained in the preparation of all types of coffee distributed from the typical expresso to the novel iced coffees, and can train other staff.

With simple profiles will be enough for the rest of the staff responsibility.

Staff should be properly uniformed, according to the category of the establishment and provide a fast and efficient service. Neatness is very important.

If you are thinking of setting up a fairly large cafeteria, you must have shifts waiters to collect orders and remove the utensils used by previous customers. It is very unpleasant to get to a cafe and find dirty tables.

Supplier base

The raw material (coffee) should be excellent for the final product also is. It seeks the provider with the best coffee to ensure good customer perception. The provider must also ensure that their quality is always the same and always have a product to meet demand.

These principles should also be applied to other products that are purchased to be offered to customers   as an accompaniment to coffee.

The product

The types of espresso machine or common in cafeterias are:

  • Espresso (machine, the typical cafes)
  • Expresso Macchiato
  • Expresso with Panna
  • cafe Latte
  • Flat Wte
  • Coffee Brief
  • Cappuccino
  • Café Mocha
  • American coffee



Before opening the facility it is very important to have a promotional strategy.

It may be that only the process of building and decoration care is called  future customers, but to make it very profitable to be done  advertising in the environment of the local and making it known to your target audience, visiting, inviting him and conquering, with excellent service and quality products, giving reason to return. 

A customer returns to a cafe for three main reasons: quality, service and cleanliness. These are the 3 main reasons, as the price may be important, but it is not everything since it is included in quality.  

  • If you serve with a smile, the client returns.
  • If the place is clean, the client returns.
  • If coffee and quality products were consumed, the customer returns.
  • If the price was cheaper than your competition and you break with one of the other three premises, the good customer does not return, but again the problematic client only wants a cheap drink.


Three types of coffee: special, first and second, identified by three, two and a cup respectively. The distinctive category must be displayed at the entrance in a visible place, well documented in letters, printed propaganda and invoices.

The quality of facilities and services offered are those who qualify the establishment and like the stars in hotels and cutlery in restaurants, is a universal rating.


As you grow the business and duly sworn in on your market, you should automate some control functions, inventory, billing, collection, and statistics.

For this, there are now a lot of software to facilitate the management and operation of a business cafeteria.

This POS software facilitates Coffee shop sales functions, control, and sales statistics and offers a lot of different features to customize.   

To take action

Like coffee, business, dealing with people, and this business idea a coffeehouse grabs your attention, then it analyzes the opportunity, the idea, the feasibility and if the result is positive makes a business plan stop and start the venture have an own business in a cafeteria.

And remember, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions about this business idea and its implementation.

To have more knowledge on this subject I recommend this course video



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