Marketing | 12+ tips that every entrepreneur should know

Marketing | 12 tips that every entrepreneur should know | tinobusiness
Marketing | 12 tips that every entrepreneur should know | tinobusiness

Too many entrepreneurs strive to create a great product and when they do it’s time to put in place a marketing campaign, but how to do it? Of what value is a great product or service without a proper method of advertising.


Getting your product and company is known you must first develop a suitable marketing plan, remember that at the beginning you had to develop a business plan, it is now very similar. Marketing takes time, money and a lot of preparation. One of the best ways to prepare is to develop a solid marketing plan.


But developing an effective marketing plan is not so simple, you must first understand your target market, its competitive position within the market and how you will reach that market differentiated from the competition.


All work for you?


Then we go from the beginning, then Marketing 10 tips that every entrepreneur should know:

  1. The most important order received from a client is the second order.
  2. Understanding and adapting to consumer behavior and motivation is not an option. It is an absolute necessity for competitive survival.
  3. Know the power of repetition. Make sure your message is consistent.
  4. Marketing activities will be designed to increase profits, not just sales.
  5. Selling to a new customer costs five times more to sell to an existing customer.
  6. Do not neglect or ignore your current customers while pursuing new ones.
  7. People do not buy products, they buy benefits and solutions they believe the products offered.
  8. The average business never hears 96 percent of its dissatisfied customers.
  9. Fifty percent of customers complain that the company will do business again if their complaints have been answered satisfactorily.
  10. The marketing is everyone’s business, regardless of title or position in the organization.
  11. Know your key customers, 20% of consumers of certain products represent 80% of total consumption of this kind of products.


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