Is it profitable to sell e-Books?

Is it profitable to sell e-Books? | tinobusiness
Is it profitable to sell e-Books? | tinobusiness

There is an online business that many recommend, this business is selling e-Books, created on various subjects and normally sold on a web site intended for this purpose, with a sales letter, a guarantee and payment tool insurance.


The interesting thing about selling e-books is that costs are minimal and you only need to write a book that is useful for many people. Unlike printed books where investment costs are high, an e-book should cost no more than a few dollars.


Besides investment for its creation is unique and no other associated high costs, unless the payment of the domain and the server, which is annual advertising costs that can often be almost free and the sales system is also cheap.



But there arise the following questions;

  • Is it profitable to sell e-Books?
  • How much can you sell an e-Book?
  • Do people prefer e-books to printed books?


In Lifehacker quite some time conducted a survey to see how much people would pay for a book and the data are quite interesting:


$ 1 to $ 5 -> 25% (2537 votes)

$ 5 to $ 10 -> 45% (4464 votes)

$ 10 to $ 15 -> 5% (493 votes)

$ 15 and more -> less than 1%> 15% (1507 votes)

Never planned to start buying e-books -> 7% (746 votes)

Others -> 2% (218 votes)

Total Votes -> 9998



From this we can conclude that the e-book created should not exceed $ 10 for sale, especially if you want to have higher sales, now this is not a rule that if the information of e-Book is very useful; this may cost more. But there is a risk that someone plagiarize the book and sell it at a lower price or worse still regale.


Now that information is freely available on the Internet, selling an e-Book is becoming increasingly difficult because it would have to assess whether this business is not profitable for each, depending on the information provided, it is quality and to analyze whether it could sell the book at a low price with the intent that many buy it.


From my perspective selling an eBook it can be profitable if done as an additional business that can share operating expenses with other income; Furthermore, these can be sold at a low price because its creation does not require much investment. If you disagree, in some cases it is better to offer them as a gift for publicity.


And what do you think?


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