How to use technology to reduce costs? | Must Know Tips

How to use technology to reduce costs? | Must Know Tips |

No matter how lucrative it is your company, there is always “that something” that can be trimmed to create a fast, bright and efficient version of the business. Technology is a great ally to cut unnecessary expenses and keep the budget under control.

Here are, some tips to help you reduce costs in your company.

Cutting costs How to use technology to reduce costs? | Must Know Tips |



Automate as you possibly can


The Industrial Revolution taught us how much difference can make automation in reducing costs and increasing productivity. Today, we can apply this ideology to automate industrial processes to the work routine.

Reduce-costs How to use technology to reduce costs? | Must Know Tips |

Tools like FreshBooks or Xero can help you reduce your staff. Tasks such as keeping accounts, calculate taxes or billing can be performed with a single tool, freeing up economic resources and allowing use that time to expand the business.
Wave Accounting:
Quickbooks Online: (not shown in this video, but still a great tool)



Move your entire information technology to the cloud

Whether you’re a dentist with a simple website or an e-commerce site with a multi-language and tools to conduct transactions, servers you need to support your website. The software you use to manage different aspects of your business needs to stay somewhere. Also, you require safeguard all your business information in a safe place.

Historically, this was bought for managing and maintaining physical servers, but this requires a large investment.To the extent that a business grows and expands computer network is required to update all the machinery … at a fairly high cost.

With the advent of the cloud, this concern has no place. Now you can host your web site operated by third parties, like GoDaddy or Siteground, and pay as the servers use. When your needs grow, simply you have to upgrade your package to a larger one and pay the difference.Your information can stay safely in the cloud-based as DropBox or Google Drive.

On the other hand, you can opt for cloud platforms “all in one” as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services to give practical solutions to your infrastructure needs. The best part?The security of your information depends on principle to an external supplier, allowing you to focus on what matters most.






Opt for apps and free tools

Besides saving the uploading your information to the cloud, you can reduce costs by seeking alternatives to expensive software. If you are looking carefully, you can find a free version available for virtually any business software you use daily. An example? The fabulous free version of Google Analytics, or video conferencing tools like Skype and FaceTime. Or, for electronic mailings, MailChimp services.




Invest in green technology

Frequently hear what the enormous benefits of leading a green life in all aspects. However, you can see the advantages of a green living not only in your personal life but also in your business.

Companies can save millions of dollars a year to invest in green technologies. The CFL and LED lamps use 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. One CFL can save several dollars in your life. Multiply this by the total number of bulbs you have in your office and you will see that it makes sense to invest in the more expensive product, but allows saving in the long run.

On the other hand, there are devices that reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. Sensitive light switches with automatic timer can turn the lights off during the day when lit outside and eliminate human effort to turn them off. Even something as simple as print sheets on both sides instead of one can save thousands of trees and at the same time reducing costs. Everybody wins!

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