How to get 1,000 visitors on launch day of your blog?

How to get 1,000 visitors on launch day of your blog? |
How to get 1,000 visitors on launch day of your blog? |

Every day hundreds of new blogs are getting on the web, whether for business blogs, personal blogs or institutional blogs. But then, how to stand out? And above all, how to make sure a qualified audience from the opening day?

The pre-launch stage of a blog is a very important step, but too often underused or ignored . Because building a quality blog usually takes a few weeks or a few months (between design and the actual realization of the project), you can enjoy this lag time to prepare your future audience, with very little additional effort.

How to get 1,000 visitors on launch day of your blog? |

Use the levers of social networks

You are working on your future blog. You establish its editorial, imagine the tree, looking for some relevant articles, build its graphics. Why not use all this material to communicate the progress of work of your future blog? Maintain the surprise and play on the curiosity, are very good ways to attract the interest of your future readers.

How to get 1,000 visitors on launch day of your blog? |

Create a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account and Google +


First of all, do you create a custom Facebook Fan Page. Start by inviting your friends to your page and liker regularly post content related to your blog. The more your posts will Likes or shared, the more your fans start to skyrocket.
Réseautez in parallel with other Fan Pages related to your theme, or commenting in likant relevant posts.

Do the same on Twitter. Customize your profile and follow in your niche users. You will see for yourself that you will get double, triple see, Twitter followers compared to the number of Likes on Facebook. It’s totally normal. Repeat the same process on Google+.

How to communicate until the release of your blog?

It’s not because you do not have a blog that you can not communicate and attract a qualified audience. Establish a schedule of publication and posting news on average per day on social networks. 1/3 Post news on the progress of work on your blog: photos taken during the filming of a video teaser, design elements, etc. 1/3 relaying relevant articles from other bloggers in your niche, allowing you to start building a relationship with them but also to provide quality content to your network. Finally, post 1/3 moods tickets: Pinterest pictures, online discoveries, bites or videos that you arrested.

Be very careful not to post anything and everything. The rule is strict. If you want to develop a future qualified readership, you will be a perfect fit with your theme, or lose, from the outset, your credibility!

Start a coming soon

On completion of this preliminary work, you can launch your page coming soon, which will announce the next coming of your blog. Thanks to the presence that you created on social networks, you can already ensure the promotion of your page.

How to get 1,000 visitors on launch day of your blog? |

What is the use of a coming soon?

Page coming soon is a very powerful tool to begin to harvest email addresses even before the day of opening your blog. It is a simple communication medium, even minimalist. It contains only a page or two maximum. Side battery, the coming soon aims to announce to visitors that your blog will be soon online. On the front, it is a medium you can synchronize with an auto-responder to begin to build up a mailing list from which will be announced the day of the launch of your blog.





But how to entice visitors to enter their contact information?

1- The simplest way is to organize a raffle or contest asking visitors to enter their contact information to participate. To protect yourself against any procedural player, remember to validate your contest rules by a bailiff. You can pay you for the online procedure in this case it will not cost you more than 80 €. (Set of Regulations:

2- To increase the virality of your competition, you can pair it with Facebook Comments, integrated Facebook comments module directly in your coming soon. If the contest entry requirement is to register a comment or reply to a question in the Facebook comments, whenever a visitor will participate in all its Timeline will be automatically notified. Think imagine the message and the visual that will be shared on Timelines of participants and encourage their friends to participate also in the competition.

3- Turn a quirky teaser video or the tone of humor that could challenge your visitors.Cut your video mounting after 10, 20 or 30 first seconds and ask visitors to enter their contact information to view later. If the teaser is efficient enough, you can count on 20% of visitors registered for the mailing list.

For best results you can combine the contest, Facebook comments and video teaser.By grouping these three methods, you can approach a conversion rate of 30%.


How to attract traffic to your page coming soon?

First, continue to expand your network on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Then use Facebook advertising. One of the great advantages of Facebook advertising is the ability to specifically target the population covered by your niche. You can then decide that your ad is visible only by women, between 18 and 35, who love fashion and who reside in Paris. The other significant advantage of Facebook advertising is cost. Indeed, the average cost is much lower than an AdWords advertising, while being much more viral. The daily budget you have allocated to advertising, your visits will rise faster or slower.




How long leave coming soon?

The creation of a coming soon page has an interest if you have enough time to reap at least 1000 email addresses before the date of your launch. For this, you will provide a minimum period of one month. Note that if you install a countdown timer in your page, you can not adjust your launch date.




How to create your coming soon page?

The coming soon page should be simple, with clearly identifiable message. Remember to incorporate your logo and build a strong graphic identity that will set the tone for your future blog. Integrate your social networks buttons that visitors can, if they wish, start following on Facebook, Twitter etc. If you hope to prepare for your hearing, do not forget to insert an auto-responder (MailChimp, AWeber …). You can find some examples of coming soon pages on the site ThemeForest , a real mine of resources for bloggers and graphics professionals.

By following these tips, you will set the stage upstream and you can start blogging while having started to develop your readership. Moreover, the launch day of your blog, you can send an email to your entire list, announcing the opening of the blog, making sure at the same time a stream of qualified visitors. It will do more than write quality content and maintain the link with your community through social networks.

And you, how did you prepare for the launch of your blog? Did you remember a specific strategy?

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