How to create and sell a short course for quick cash

How to create and sell a short course for quick cash |
How to create and sell a short course for quick cash |

You’re in a hurry. An unexpected expense has hit you as if it was a brick and you need quick cash before your next payday. You have tried all sorts of ideas to make quick money, but you’ve got no silver enough you need and you’re starting to overwhelm.  You are increasingly sunk thinking that you probably have to go back to ask for a fast cash loan again.

But do not despair: I am going to teach you a method with which to make money fast, without much effort, and will not take much time.


Get money helping others

Create a short course where you teach someone to do something, it can not only help you make money fast, but you get a lot more money than you normally earn in a single hour to your regular job. Think wisely:

They can engage in a job, and gain for example $ 15 for each hour of your effort.


Or you can create a short course in a couple of hours, teaching how to perform a simple task, and sell it for $ 30.  If you sell the course to 10 people in a few hours, you will have earned $ 300; or if 100 people, would be $ 3,000 earned with little effort.


How to create and sell a short course for quick cash |
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This is what allows you to do create a product: you pay multiple times to make the same amount of work do for one person.






The trick for quick cash

The challenge that many people face when creating a course is to spend time , energy and money – three things that you obviously do not have because you need money and you need it now!

How to create and sell a short course for quick cash |

So instead of building a full course of hundreds of hours that would take you days, create one that is short, with the basics that people need to learn, and do it in a document of PowerPoint to be summarized or, better yet, recording a video explaining your lessons.

This course may be the best you know: basic English conversational, how to overcome shyness with basic exercises, guitar lessons to start to familiarize with this instrument, organizational skills for work, home or children, whatever you want!





How to get your first sale

Before making your course, you must be sure there will be people who will be willing to buy it. Then, you must promote it to succeed in attracting customers and are willing to buy what you offer them.

  • Make a quick comparison online than they cost similar to yours courses
  • Establishes an intermediate price of the courses that you’ve compared
  • If you can, you write a short text outlining the features of your course and a link to it and find that a blog on the subject published it as a guest post to reach a wider audience.
  • Share the link to your course in forums of this theme, blogs and email with friends to pass it to their acquaintances who want to learn about it.

How to create and sell a short course for quick cash |

This is how you will ensure that it reaches a sufficient group of people quickly, and you will have more chance that more people will buy.






Where to place your course to start selling

The internet is easy to find different places to get quick cash by selling your short course and reach the maximum number of people to buy it. These are sites where you can sell your own online courses:

  • In, an excellent web intended for users of Latin America and Spain.
  • On the web
  • On page
  • If you have a blog, do a post explaining that you have created a course and put an email to contact you and sell the course by email.
  • Do the same if instead of a blog you have a YouTube channel with enough subscribers.


This is a strategy that many people ( especially young people ) who need urgent cash-generating extra income with only a couple of hours of effort; and as I have already mentioned, the best part is you will continue making money days and weeks after increasing your course at any of the pages that I recommend above.


What type of courses would you create for quick cash if you were in this situation?

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