6+ How to buy a franchise of KFC and succeed (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

6+ How to buy a franchise of KFC and succeed (Kentucky Fried Chicken) | tinobusiness
6+ How to buy a franchise of KFC and succeed (Kentucky Fried Chicken) | tinobusiness

Franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) serves food for 12 million more people per day worldwide. The recipe original and secret fried chicken is sold in 109 countries. In order to purchase a franchise, you should complete an application for approval and wait for you to supply the service incorporation. It can take three to nine months to complete the whole procedure and another eight to 12 months to build and open your first store.


How to buy a franchise of KFC and succeed


Delivery of the request

Complete the franchise application, in which you have to enter information such as your name, your address, your phone number and what you do. You’ll also have to answer if you’ve had experience as a business owner and prove that your net income is at least $ 1.5 million and 750,000 correspond to liquid assets, because this is the minimum amount that must be invest for a KFC franchise. After submitting the application, it may take between 10-12 weeks to get approval.

Business plan development

Once we receive your submission, you will send a KFC franchise disclosure document. The type of information you have to provide is your financial history, legal disputes resolved and missing those who are involved, and the names of the management team. Send the document and begins to develop operational business plan. Provides information on business licenses and insurance you have, the people who think hiring your marketing plan and the operating plan.

Interview with the candidate

Entrevístate a KFC franchise representative to discuss some particular points, such as what the operational plan of the restaurant and think where to locate the premises. Also, it uses the time to ask any other questions that you think is important. If you’ve never been in front of a restaurant franchise, consider if you can visit a KFC restaurant and get some training and experience to see firsthand what to consider when you run a KFC franchise.

Choose location

He works with the representative of franchises to choose a location for your restaurant. If you want to buy a KFC restaurant that already exists rather than building a new one, just tell it.The executive will tell you if there is a restaurant near the area where you want to work that is available to buy. After determining a location, complete and submit the results of your analysis to KFC and enter the form. You pay fees for obtaining the franchise.

Finish the incorporation service

If not purchased a restaurant that already existed, hires a construction company or contact a contractor to start putting together your local. Hires the members of your team. Promote and discloses your restaurant. Before the grand opening, make sure you and two other key staff members attending the training program offered by KFC franchise.

Training ends

Attend training programs so that your franchise continues to grow. For example, you could go to one or more marketing events carried out by the KFC brand. You could also impersonate in business meetings and marketing organizations do business to make contacts.


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