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How a blog work? | All bout Blogging | tinobusiness
How a blog work? | All bout Blogging | tinobusiness

Expand the audience

A blog can contain news, reviews, be a daily personal or a combination of the three. But the distinguishing feature of a blog is in chronological order. Whenever a writer creates an entry, on page directly above the previous entry. This allows visitors to read the latest events and head down and read as many as you like older.


Bloggers begin their to enter a content management system.This is the inner workings of the blog, where the author can create a new entry, edit old posts, manage comments and modify the appearance of the blog. The tools for creating blogs like WordPress and Blogger have minor differences, but the main functions are the same, which allow authors to manage your blog through an online interface. Although the application of WordPress can be stored in any website, both web hosting services provide for those in need.


How looks

As with any website, blog gets its appearance through different coding languages, commonly a combination of HTML, PHP and CSS. However, most content management systems make it easy to change the look of the blog by default “themes“. The default theme for blogs using WordPress, for example, consists of black text on a white background with a blue header. Other blogs can have a black background with white text.Topics also control whether columns appear on the right and left side of the page or. These columns are useful for putting the file on the blog links to the most popular posts, recent comments, to advertising or other blogs. Change the subject is easy to do without requiring knowledge of coding languages, as well, the issue does not affect existing entries.

Write and label publications


Most blogs focus on a topic or range of topics, and you can tag or categorize each text for future reference. For example, a blog about politics may have several texts on elections. To label a text as “elections” readers and the author, you can quickly find all texts on elections by simply clicking on a link on the home page. The only exception to the chronological nature of the texts is the option to write a text that has a permanent link on the home page of the blog. This is very useful information pages dedicated to the blog or its author.

Community interaction

A key feature of blogs is the ability for readers to post their own reactions directly below the original text of the author. The blog owner can control the function of a reader may have to enter a valid email address or register an account with blog to comment. In some cases, the owner must approve comments before they appear on the site.

Expanding readers

The “backlinks” are one of the ways to expand the audience. Usually, when a text of a blog refers to other users via a link, it automatically notifies the blog to which reference was made.Sometimes a mention also appears as a comment on the blog page. Another way to connect to another blog is to put a permanent link in the section of the home page called “blogroll”. As with backlinks, commonly notifies blogs on the list through a content management system. To expand the audience must quickly attract attention from a blog or important, or content aggregator like Digg website. Because these sites have such a large audience, many blogs are clamoring for this kind of attention, but it is difficult to obtain.


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