Great Tips | Selling of domains is profitable?

Great Tips | Selling of domains is profitable? |
Great Tips | Selling of domains is profitable? |

The sale of domains (website names) is a very profitable business for many, but it can also become a waste of money for many others because you have to be well informed before starting to recognize the good domains, purchasing and look for good opportunities selling.

There are many people who think that selling domains is not a good deal because there are no good free domains. Yes, there are some domains that have some value if they know how to sell, although not premium, but you can also get good domains between those who allow themselves expire or buying from their owners for a good price; and it can be done by taking advantage of a new trend.

Great Tips | Selling of domains is profitable? |

There are many tools for selling domain but I suggest more on this the

Great Tips | Selling of domains is profitable? |


We can see from the specialized media, like domains sell for a much higher price than the acquisition that are among those sold at very interesting quantities (a few per million). It is a profitable business, although it is not a business for everyone.

How to choose good domains?

  • They must be generic words
  • Short domains are highly rated
  • There are good domains with words or phrases highly sought after on the Internet
  • Premium domains are easy to recognize
  • Best .com, but other extensions (.org, .net, .oi, ,yyy) are accepted in many cases
  • They should be easy to remember
  • It must be well informed and know the domain market and see what domains are selling
  • It’s not recommended to have no dashes or other words or letters more than necessary
  • Sometimes no mistake and buy bad domains able to recognize what good

How to get good domains?

  • Buying them at a good price, taking advantage of opportunities
  • Buying them before something happens, before a new trend or opportunity
  • Choose good names for positioning
  • Looking domains expire or expire 

How to sell domains?

  • Contacting companies that may be interested
  • Sending emails to interested parties
  • Platforms that sell domains
  • Classified ad sites
  • Making a small page indicating it is on sale contact section
  • In specialized forums (domains, SEO, Internet, industry, etc)
  • It is recommended to contact
  • Through a broker with experience in the sector

In any case, in this business you have to learn very well, seize opportunities and be very patient. It is not easy to make money by selling domains on the secondary market.


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