Goodbye, offices! Keys to work remotely | Business Tips

Goodbye, offices! Keys to work remotely | Business Tips |
Goodbye, offices! Keys to work remotely | Business Tips |

Much has been heard about the benefits of working from home:  having to pay an office, avoid moving along the busy town or meet a fixed schedule. However, carrying out this work style also requires following certain rules and have order, responsibility and commitment.

Amir Salihefendic is executive director of Todoist, successful productivity app makes the most work out of the office. His team has no official headquarters and works in 16 countries remotely.


In an interview with Entrepreneur, Amir gave his best tips for a successful and productive business without having a physical office. If you want to implement this model, notes:





Passion is first


“Entrepreneurship can be anywhere as long as there is a passion for what they do.”


Goodbye, offices! Keys to work remotely | Business Tips |

To tell the entrepreneur, working remotely should not be a problem if you have a team of people who are passionate about their profession. “Do not count the hours required to establish a schedule out with tweezers or projects; you just need to work neatly and ensure that all involved are committed to your idea, “he explains.

Find people who are passionate about the product or service that you develop, control them and avoid relying on them is the first step in creating a company that successfully working remotely.





The team


“Creating a team without managers is something that has given me very good result.”


leadershipsmallgroups-imageHaving people on your team who can manage themselves and administered, create effective workflow and especially written document processes and concepts is essential to establish a right to make projects work from a distance way. Also, communication must be accurate, concise and direct so there are no misunderstandings.





Taking risks



“Be creative, take risks and strive to leave the comfort zone.”


fishbowlForget the stigma and make the jump is the first step to lead a different life. Perhaps in an ordinary company where you have to go to the office, you can win great. But, why not challenge yourself and explore new horizons? You never know: you might discover that just work better.






Working tools and apps



“The tools and applications with cloud services are essential to work from anywhere. We todoist believe in Karma to provide feedback to users; it’s something that motivates and recognizes our efforts. ”


Goodbye, offices! Keys to work remotely | Business Tips | tinobusiness.comHaving the best tools to work remotely is one of the main points to meet targets. Search applications providing feedback and recognition in meeting goals and daily tasks can catapult your business efficiency.

Some of the applications that are used in Todoist to work from anywhere in the world and create highly functional products are:

Todoist : each project planner.

Slack : the messaging application for team collaboration.

Google Docs : the tool to keep documents in sync.

Skype : video conferencing, calls and meetings.

Also Todoist has developed an app to improve communication between the teams, and will soon be available on the market.





Knowing your business and your chances



“Not all businesses have the potential to work remotely.”


Goodbye, offices! Keys to work remotely | Business Tips | tinobusiness.comIt is essential that you know perfectly your services and products. Based on that you can determine whether it is likely to create a company with a modus operandi remote. If this is not possible, you have to find which departments and individuals can do to shelter and of the best tools that connect with the company.





Create a global company


“You can find the best professionals anywhere in the world.”


Goodbye, offices! Keys to work remotely | Business Tips | tinobusiness.comTo create products that transcend the world must open your mind and leave the local area to find talent. Handle different languages on the product or service being delivered and detailed knowledge of all markets is beginning to establish your business in any country. Working with the best means to make a good scouting of your computer, which means being open to hiring partners other cultures and delegate tasks from anywhere in the world.





Prepare and update online


“People who work with me always looking to learn more. You can find excellent free information online. “

Goodbye, offices! Keys to work remotely | Business Tips | tinobusiness.comJust as there are great tools to work remotely, there are also options for preparing followed. When we work out of an office and are masters of our time, we tend to isolate ourselves a little of society. But we can reverse this situation.

Amir always recommended to seek study something new, constantly trained and have all kinds of online classes that give us a global view of business.



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