Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship

Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship | tinobusiness
Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship | tinobusiness

The design is a key ingredient to the time to start a venture. We gathered some tips worth taking into account when giving visual form to your projects.

We live in a time when it is said that “everything is design” and there is much reason for it if it is understood beyond appearance and begins to think like “solution”; It has given value to the thought that it is developed to solve different problems, both visually like structure. Therefore, not only to enterprises rightful emphasis in use it well, but all companies that begin their life on the market.

The big question then is what and how you can get to make a good design? Here are some tips that may prove to be quite useful for new entrepreneurs:



1. Where to start?



Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship | tinobusiness


The first step is to have clear objectives: to end the business idea and the spirit of entrepreneurship is what will guide the design around it. From a website to a packaging or application, the design should be geared towards profit, not to make ‘design for design’.

What functionality has the product package is useful or not to create an application to promote a service or how to achieve effective interaction with users are some of the ways that you can apply to start designing.


Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship | tinobusiness


While a visual identity must be defined from the beginning, you also have to think about how it is linked to other features of an enterprise and how these graphics guidelines are going to be reflected in the different platforms and channels in which users They will be present.

To understand how to get to meet certain research is essential objectives: offering similar products or services, how they position themselves in the market, how they look, what others are doing and how they can differentiate themselves.



2. How will I see on the Web?

Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship | tinobusiness


In digital, your website is the business card of your company. The first recommendation is to keep it simple to build in terms of usability and navigation, which will avoid confusion ensuring a more intuitive user experience.

Sometimes new companies are driven by intuition, others by the inability to pay professionals to design a web page; therefore an important advice for entrepreneurs is that your initial team has the support of a designer interested in the project and who wants to collaborate with it, so as to reduce costs.


Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship | tinobusiness


For the development of a website it is not the best option to do it yourself. However, if this your only option, consider reviewing tools, tutorials and tips on the Web to assemble.

There are sites like:

– when you can access design tools to give a visual identity to your page. Whatever the method, the most important thing is to get constant feedback from others, not only in terms of image, but also to see how it works, if it’s easy or not to use or is striking. The key to success is to think about the needs they may have users, and not be swayed only by the own taste.

Devote part of its budget to this task: good design does not come cheap, but it is unwise to think that the long term return will be much higher if your website goes as expected.

Think multiple platforms: apply the responsive design , ie, a template that suits phones, is imperative. When conceiving the page it is important to keep in mind the development of a friendly interface that loads quickly on mobile connections and can accommodate tactile interfaces (smartphones and tablets) provide the same experience you may have a user on a computer.



3. How users will interact with my product?

Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship | tinobusiness

Even in the digital plane, this field is essential for those who want to develop new applications or platforms.

The way you want your users to interact with your products will be the guide for graphic design and functional level. The interface (UI) should be attractive and yet so easy to use that suits the needs of the end user.

At the time of launch such digital products, from blogs to web pages and applications, interactivity you want to ensure is the guide to develop: it should be very clear on what will work platforms and operating systems for which wants to operate, ie, iOS or Android, for example.

How it will work the application and the user experience (UX) should be carefully designed and developed: every move will be made on the software you will be part of an experience that, if simple, memorable and attractive, accomplish capture the attention of new users and stay on time.



4. How will they recognize me?


The brand is not only the visual aspect of the company, but also the feeling it generates in the users of a product or service, translated into an identity with which you can easily relate.

Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship | tinobusiness


Therefore, defining the guidelines of branding from the first stage is critical because there is where product design emerge, consistent with the objectives, mission, vision and personality of it.


Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship | tinobusiness

The logo is perhaps the element that first meets the eye in matters of branding. It is important to note that simplicity works: something not elaborate, that is clear and concise and represent the identity of your company without many layers, colors or ornaments makes it memorable. This need not necessarily represent what the enterprise can be a concept or idea.

Versatility is key, since the identifier will be used in various formats, print and digital. Therefore, you must have the ability to adapt to them efficiently. One of the keys to the identity are the colors often have fewer colors for the logo is ideal, because it makes it easier to remember and to associate.

Design: a fundamental tool for entrepreneurship | tinobusiness

Corporate identity, however, is much more than a logo. Define other visual elements, such as colors representing your enterprise, the appearance of cards and official documents, packaging design, newsletters and others must be linked to a single identity, which will give coherence to the message that tries to convey with its design in branding.



5. How to evaluate if I did well?

The best way to evaluate your design is to test it with users. This is not only to make several tests before releasing an identity, a web page or application, but to understand them in depth, constantly listen.

Communication channels with which it achieves its end users are definitely a great tool to get directly to them and receive feedback. You can do this through direct questions or through a monitoring exercise in which you focus on comments on your design goals.

It is also a good choice to launch alpha and beta test versions, which can be evaluated directly targets your products and services. This will give a much clearer picture of the direction we should take the design of your venture idea.

If at the end you accomplish that those who will be using your service or your product will consume achieve feel identified and demonstrate that they had a good experience, you will know that your design was successful.




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