Creating the ideal product and Customer Needs

Creating the ideal product and Customer Needs |
Creating the ideal product and Customer Needs |

Beyond the planned obsolescence, a product is something that will evolve and develop over time to adapt to customer needs and requirements.

Similarly, we must work in order to find those qualities that characterize our product and make differential, either adding physical attributes or services.



Principles to develop a competitive product




Understanding your customer

If you understand your client obviously you can deliver what you want and need, if not, you get hard to offer you can arrive need.





Be relevant to your client

That is, creating brand awareness, brand recognition, or what is the same, loyalty to your client.




Your goal is to sell

The product is your main selling point. What we offer to the market is not a form of self-fixation, but your way to satisfy your customers.





Do not sell to/at any price


Especially at the beginning you tend to sell at any price, your role is to value your offer, giving it added value and customer perceives your worth the price stipulated by it.





Consider your resources


If you are not prepared and do not have the resources to jump into the market it is better to wait to start your adventure with sufficient guarantees.






In short, with your product or service you are communicating with your client, so is your relationship and you have to strive to make it as pleasant as possible so that in this way you can establish a lasting and fruitful relationship over time.


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