Competitive intelligence to grow your business | Business, Website Tips and Tricks

Competitive intelligence to grow your business | Business, Website Tips and Tricks |
Competitive intelligence to grow your business | Business, Website Tips and Tricks |

Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs develop new products and services while others offer more of the same? Why does it seem that some entrepreneurs can predict the future while, for others, this is a complete uncertainty? This is what we will discuss in this article.

Entrepreneurs with clarity in the future, those who seem to predict trends, have no ESP or have insider: simply, they are aware of what is happening in their environment, they are able to perceive the changes and can estimate the impact of such events.

While these entrepreneurs have skills that allow them to identify opportunities in their environment, anyone can develop this kind of insight through analysis methodologies called Competitive Intelligence (CI).





What is Competitive Intelligence?

Possesses Competitive Intelligence – means understanding what is happening beyond the borders of our business in order to be as competitive as possible. It implies to anticipate changes and respond promptly to new challenges … challenges that most do not see.

Competitive Intelligence refers to discuss what they are doing all the stakeholders, ie, competitors, suppliers and distributors, as well as trends, new technologies, macroeconomic variables and government decisions. This analysis provides a perspective which, in turn, allows us to identify opportunities and threats.




Internet as a tool for analysis

Today, any of us can carry out activities of intelligence through open (or, as it is called, Open Source Intelligence – OSINT). On the other hand, it has popularized the concept of “Google Hacking” to refer to intelligently search for information using the search engine Google.


Here are some sites that every entrepreneur must know to begin his studies of the environment, including competitors.





These sites will help you analyze traffic sites as e-commerce competitor’s. Enter the URL of your competitor and you will see global traffic, the number of sites that link to the search, a detailed analysis, audience penetration, average load time of the site and more.





Social media

These sites will let you know what people are talking about, that is, or what the hot topics are. For example, Look what people think about “fashion trends” or “sustainable furniture,” he says.



Suppose we want to get information from a competitor, and we only have to hand your name or your website. We can find plenty of public data; you just have to know where to look. Suppose we know that our competitor or potential competitor is a company called “foo” and have no more information than that.




Step 1: Identify the competitor


The first step is to find more accurate data, and it can draw the site Who is. In this we type the URL of the competitor, and in exchange receive information associated with the website host and the IP, but also information on the company as legal name, address, email address and name of the person Site technical contact.




Step 2: Search history

The next step is to seek more information associated with the legal name of the company. To do this, we can write it in the Google search engine, complete with quotation marks to search for that exact phrase.

So we can find out who is the general manager of the company, and we can find his profile on Linkedin to learn more about their careers. Perhaps, if we look good, we find the tax code (Tax Number) of the company, allowing us to inquire more about it.




Step 3: Internet search activity

To research the market, we can analyze the activity of internet skills. For this we can enter the website SEMRush. We must enter the site URL, and find specific information such as number of searches, sites where the flow of visitors, key competitors, activity on the mobile site, received etc.




Step 4: Finding new competitor business

For our competitor movements in detail, we can look at the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property registration record some new brands or patents. For this, we enter this website and find the name of the company.

Through internet we can deepen our research about our competitor based on the subjects that interest us. We can keep digging and find out about their business, legal activities, its employees, its trademark applications, new products or services, etc.

Certainly, competitive intelligence opens up a world of possibilities to research the market and identify business opportunities at zero cost and with an infinite return. And you, already efectúas IC about your markets and competitors?







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