Learn how to calculate the costs for starting a business

Learn how to calculate the costs for starting a business | tinobusiness.com
Learn how to calculate the costs for starting a business | tinobusiness.com

Within the business plan for your new small business, you must consider what upfront costs and long term you should include to not fall short of capital, so you must determine the cost of starting your own business.

It is important to learn from start to calculate the total costs of implementation rather than putting at risk your own money or plan to raise capital through an investment.

Starting a new business is not a game and you put the greatest effort into research, perseverance and hard work. The initial costs generally depend on the type of business, but there are several costs that are universal to all small businesses. Costs such as rent, salaries of employees, cost of equipment and supplies, licenses, services, advertising, insurance, and other extensions.


Here are the steps to calculate startup costs before creating the new business:





Determine the cost of future sales

The product inventory, raw materials, equipment manufacturing, transportation, packaging, transport insurance & storage fees.




Determine Professional

This includes creating a legal structure for your business, trademarks, copyrights, patents, writing partnership and confidentiality agreements, attorney fees and permanent consultation counter




Determine the costs of technology use

As hardware, software, printers, cell phones, development and maintenance of web sites, access to high-speed Internet, servers, security measures, consulting




Determine administrative costs

Check the various types of business insurance, office equipment, licenses and permits, express shipping and postage, product packaging, parking, rent, utilities, telephone, photocopier, fax, desks, chairs, filing cabinets or anything you need on a daily basis to operate a business,




Determine marketing costs

Printing stationery, marketing, advertising, public relations, events or attendance at the fair or sponsorship, travel and entertainment client meetings, mailing lists




Determine wages and benefits

Here are the salaries of employees, payroll taxes, benefits, workers’ compensation. If this seems difficult, then try a cost calculator commissioning, This calculator tabulates your business startup costs, including fees legal, office supplies and equipment, marketing expenses and funds that will keep you running, including payroll, monthly expenses and inventory.


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