Buying a Franchise online | The advantages and disadvantages

Buying a Franchise online | The advantages and disadvantages |
Buying a Franchise online | The advantages and disadvantages |

When we speak of franchises, people think in a real as it somehow, one can touch and that this built noble material, but in the market with the advancement of telecommunications has created new online businesses.

Franchises based on the Internet offers new challenges to overcome and have some points that are not well known, especially for those who are not so young entrepreneurs. Now there are many new companies that have online franchisee and thanks to the advantages of an online business these have been well received.


The advantages of a franchise standard are also the same for an online franchise , as the association with a mark which has established a reputation of product or service, attendance, access to procedures, brand research, operation manuals and control systems of the original business, assistance and knowledge of financial systems. But there are some specific benefits you need to know:



  • Low initial investment. In a traditional franchise must have a big budget for the purchase or rental of premises, maintenance costs of buildings, decoration costs and payroll management staff. In an online franchise is only necessary to purchase the domain and website.


  • Open 24/7. Be in the place that is, a physical business must stop at night, on holidays, or when required, but the online business works clock, seven days a week and of course 365 days a year.


  • International business. It does not take a genius to realize that a normal business only works in one place and not very easy to be accessible to all the world;instead an online business has the advantage of not being restricted by physical location and is accessible to anyone, anywhere and reach customers around the world.


  • Quick Change. A significant benefit of running a franchise system line is the ability to easily implement changes through the franchise without problem, you can be reconditioned or minor changes throughout the enterprise with minimal effort. As you can see there are several advantages to choosing an online franchise that are becoming popular today, but you also see some drawbacks to being prepared.






  • Not for everyone. If you are used to conventional franchise, buying a franchise on the Internet should not be much problem, the trouble is that we must adapt to this new change and learn the techniques and use the tools that offer the web . For many entrepreneurs who like challenges will not be a problem, but you need to be trained. I forgot, you also have to learn about online advertising.


  • Laws. When doing business online you are subject to the laws of the countries where customers can access their web page. You have to know the laws of privacy, copyright and tax laws. It is best to contact a lawyer who can advise international trade.


  • The lack of trust. Even though the franchise has a good reputation, you must earn the trust of its clients, which will be a challenge because many people have still feared of online shopping despite the security that is offered.


There are also disadvantages of a conventional franchise as they are less freedom to make business decisions, less control, payment of a fee to the franchisor, you can not sell the franchise without. authorization and payment to the owner of the franchise, among others.




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