Advantages & disadvantages of at home business

Advantages & disadvantages of at home business |

If you have considered the idea of starting a home business, but are still not entirely convinced, here are some of the main advantages of having a home business that will eventually convince you:

  • You are your own boss, you do not have to be under the orders of another person.
  • One establishes their own schedules, can work the hours that suits you.
  • Comfort and good environment to work.
  • There may be fewer distractions to work in a company, where co-workers constantly interrupting one.
  • No need to socialize with some coworkers when you do not want.
  • The possibility of having a close family.
  • No need to take young children to daycare, because one can look after himself.
  • One can interrupt your work at any time to devote to other things.
  • The chance to see favorite TV shows, or events that one likes.
  • One can lunch freshly cooked food at home.
  • One can save on transport (tickets, gasoline, vehicle maintenance, etc.).
  • One can save on food.
  • One can save on clothing.
  • One does not waste time in formal dress.
  • You do not waste time in traveling to the workplace or office.
  • There is no risk of being late to work.
  • No need to wear formal clothes.

However, as any alternative business, set up a home business also has some disadvantages worth note:

  • The risk involved in starting a business.
  • Not have the economic benefits of having a job, such as insurance, bonuses, retirement plans, etc.
  • The need to work at times throughout the day and even during weekends and holidays.
  • No physical interaction with others.
  • There may be a feeling of loneliness or isolation.
  • One does not have the help of others to solve some problems or issues.
  • No supervision and therefore, one may not feel so pressured and therefore so motivated to work.
  • They may have family members who do not respect the schedules of one, and constantly interrupted.
  • They may have children at home that make noise constantly.
  • They may have relatives who do not take the business as something serious, and press it one to work outside the home.
  • Through a home business you can get big money, but early in this type of Business, are often difficult.


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