9+1 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected

10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.com

Sometimes you have a great idea which makes you only need some polishing. You jump the fence, and everything seems fine-until you stumble upon the failure-. It hits you in the gut, leaving deep wounds in you and the inability to do anything more than complain about how well you could have gone…

But trust what you say then: failure is not the end, unless you let it be. A slip means you’re in the way that many others have come to be successful. You don’t believe me? These are 10 people who have faced rejection before becoming great entrepreneurs are now.




1. Milton Hershey



10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.comThe man who has blessed us with his delicious chocolates who did not got it right the first time. Before launching his own candy business, he worked for a local candy factory; however, when he decided to start, he failed miserably.10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.com

Despite failing twice, he returned to his family farm and perfected the art of making delicious milk chocolates, which became the famous Hershey’s chocolates and we enjoy today.





2. Theodor Geisel


10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.comThis author struggled to write a novel that publishers do not consider “pure garbage” -and is that this was the answer he received for several times, 27 to be exact. However, the man did not give up.

One fateful night, ran into an old friend who had just become editor of children’s literature.Finally, his friend agreed to publish their work. Geisel, now known as Dr. Seuss, met success with his first book, and never again met failure.




3. Albert Einstein

10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.comAlthough today is considered one of the greatest geniuses of history, this intellectual was not a great start (say you had a late development is to mitigate the situation). He did not say a word until he was 4 years. A couple of years later, their primary teachers felt he was weak because it was abstract questions that made no sense to others.
He went on, and eventually formulated the theory of relativity … so complex that most of us do not understand.




4. Benjamin Franklin

10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.comAlthough hard to believe, the inventor of bifocals and the lightning rod left school since elementary school.
His family could not afford to finance his education after his 10th birthday, but that did not stop him. He read books like a crazy and took every opportunity he had to learn. Ironically, Franklin is now in the history books that children 10 years of age read every day.




5. Stephen King


10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.comKing is one of the most prolific writers -HA sold 350 million copies, whose work has been the inspiration for several films. You’d think that was successful from day one, but the reality is that his first novel was rejected … no less than 30 times. Such was his despair that King decided to throw it away. Fortunately, his wife urged him to keep working on it and forget the bad start. Thus he was born Carrie.




6. Oprah Winfrey

10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.comThe famous TV presenter and entrepreneur had to face an adolescence full of difficulties. She became pregnant at age 14 and was sexually harassed repeatedly by several members of his family. Despite its tragic past, she worked hard to be successful and today, is the holder of an estimated 2.9 billion dollars fortune.




7. Thomas Edison

10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.comSurely Edison holds the record for highest number of failed attempts before succeeding in a single project. And he failed thousands of times before inventing a light bulb that actually worked. His answer became famous among entrepreneurs: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that will not work “.




8. Michael Jordan

10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.comAs a child, he loved basketball and Jordan knew he wanted to pursue it. However, no coach wanted to give it a try because of his short stature. After using a contact to enter a basketball camp, coach noticed him … but still decided not to invite him to play on his team.

Jordan returned home discouraged, but the coach decided to prove him wrong. Now, as a member of the Hall of Fame in the NBA, he has proved much more than that.




9. Walt Disney

10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.comEarly in his career, Disney was fired by a newspaper for not being “creative enough”. After his drawings of Mickey Mouse were rejected on the grounds that they could “scare women.” As if that were not enough, “The Three Little Pigs” was also rejected because it only had four characters.

Fortunately, Walt decided not to hear these criticisms and continue pursuing his dream.Today we have Walt Disney Company as a result of his perseverance.




10. Kris Carr

10 successful entrepreneurs who were rejected | tinobusiness.comEveryone we dealt with unforeseen obstacles. For Carr, this obstacle was a rare cancer. She fought hard against this disease and adopted a healthy lifestyle, so much so that he developed a successful career as an author and nutrition coach. Despite encountering very difficult circumstances, he found a way to take advantage of them. Today is one of the experts in nutrition and healthy lifestyle best known in the United States.

Ultimately, none of us is different from those included in this list. All will fail at some point in our lives. The important thing is to learn to overcome these obstacles and keep walking toward our dreams.

And you, how do you rise above the pitfalls?

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