9+1 Reasons to invest in real estate

9+1 Reasons to invest in real estate | tinobusiness

The active classic increases in several ways. In recent years the financial world showed the risk of investing in stocks and funds and traditional savings account provides almost nothing.

Shortly you will pay more tax on investment income. The solution? Investing in real estate. Even in times of economic and financial crisis, often real estate is profitable investment. The value of your investment capital increases long-term ownership in itself can give you income. Without risks. So it kills two birds with one stone. The result? Financial security and peace of mind.

1. Investing in real estate is more convenient to save

The interest rate on your savings account is not very high and depending on the economic situation; sometimes return inflation exceeds a fixed term. One of the best ways to stretch your savings is the purchase of an investment property. With a good buy, you will see increases in capital value and rental income filled your bank account. Retirement is assured.

2. With the investment in real estate is a weapon against weak currencies

Many currencies are affected in times of crisis, which will be worthless internationally compared to stronger currencies like the euro or the dollar. The properties generally priced and valued in dollars or as some comparison with the international or regional market. Invest your savings quickly and safely. By investing in real estate does not have the ups and downs of local currencies and the assurance of their capital. Moreover, you can get a good amount of income for a monthly rent, another advantage of investing in real estate.

3. Invest in properties creates additional income with rent

Already invested in real estate? Then you know who wins twice, because your property investment is increasing long-term value and because can enjoy a fixed monthly rental. The average annual return on a property yield is 7 to 8 percent annually in the long term (calculated with international currency, renting in USD).

4. Investing in real estate: a safer investment than the stock market


The stock prices vary drastically and the financial sector is maintained with a range of new investment products: complex systems with uncertain or minimal returns. So many people choose to invest without worries to secure their future with investment properties. It is clear that this type of investment is slightly higher at the beginning, but after having two properties or more, you will see that its capital increase ever faster thanks to rental income plus the value of investment property increases long-term.

5. Investing in real estate: goodbye to the unstable prices of gold and commodities

Invest in commodities such as gold and silver is also a risk because they have a very volatile nature. In the past, the price of gold and silver fell sharply. Even experts say it is difficult to say which factors influence the price. For the congregation, all is conjecture and there is a very solid foundation for retirement unless it is made very deeply investigate markets, which takes more time to invest in brick.

6. Investment in real estate rather than savings or pension insurance

Pension savings or life insurance or group insurance are reliable investments in the future world, except during a financial crisis! Imagine that your bank or insurance company is in a difficult situation, it can be very expensive to go to another insurer or another bank. Do you want to leave some capital to their loved ones? Then you better choose to invest in properties.

7. Investing in real estate other than their retirement

We know that the minimum retirement or even retirement will receive after reaching a certain age, probably will not cover your needs. The aging population and increasing life expectancy bad news for the compulsory retirement system.So it is best to take care of their old age in a safe manner that gives you the security you deserve – with an additional rental income. Your best guarantee of a decent pension and retirement without worries.

8. Investing in real estate at affordable prices?Start investing in property in the well.

Do You want more return for each investment? Then it may be a viable option to enter the sale in well, which has a great advantage. Upon completion of the work, in general, it has a direct gain when you sell the finished apartment. You can reinvest that money in another property in the well, and so on.

9. Investing in real estate is fiscally profitable

Investing in real estate is also a good investment for your tax return. Because only taxed on the cadastral income indexed property, not their rental income (depending on each country). Request more information to your agent. Are generally low annual fees to maintain their properties, much lower than the taxes you have to pay for other earnings. Part of the interesting range of investment apartments, business apartments, cottages, lots and land, student rooms, hotel rooms, residences, garages.

10. Investment in real estate: Park your money in parking lots

Another very stable investment in real estate? Garages and parking lots. Because most cars are not used for more than ninety percent of the time, always you need a garage or parking lot. It is expected that public parking in large Latin American cities will only increase. In the future, you will get higher and higher return, both for rental and parking for the value itself. Another advantage of investing in garages and parking lots is that the cost of maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

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9+1 Reasons to invest in real estate | tinobusiness

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  1. No doubt, Investing in real – estate is fiscally profitable but you should always be enough smart before trusting a real estate company. Do comparison between the best three or four real estate companies and chose the one which benefits your ROI the most. Along with consulting a real estate company or agent, try downloading free real estate investor apps. Using these apps will help you to manage your assets and investments.

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