8 Reasons to bet on corporate social responsibility

8 Reasons to bet on corporate social responsibility | tinobusiness
8 Reasons to bet on corporate social responsibility | tinobusiness

Sustainability practices and social responsibility is not an issue of interest only to the organizations; It is an issue that also concerns shareholders, customers, vendors and employees, as well as regulators and the community; It is an issue that is worth betting.


There are many reasons why organizations invest in social responsibility. Reasons ranging from altruistic scenarios, even to profitability and sustainability issues in the markets.

  1. Compliance with regulations : not much range of action in this area, certainly the law firms must meet. In this regard, the rules and regulations are the first encouragement and reason to bet on sustainability, social responsibility.
  2. Competitive advantages : more informed and demanding customers, the sales pitch goes beyond simple product or service; consumers buy quality but also buy brands that are identified. Good business practices affect the credibility of the argument purchase – sale, sales but mostly ends up being a differentiating factor against the competition and the industry.
  3. Continuous improvement : regardless of the dictates of law or imposed by the market or competition, social responsibility bet is to go to improve product design, production, customer service. It is an opportunity to improve processes and achieve greater effectiveness.
  4. Economic benefits : Social Responsibility bet is betting on the improvement of processes to best practices. Not always as has traditionally been done is the most effective way for the company to its customers or the environment.Given the opportunity to see new alternatives, is a good choice for lower operating costs, lower administrative costs, lower environmental costs, increased revenues, establishment of corporate values and ultimately greater profitability.
  5. Reputation : Good practices are rewarded, the bad punished with public scrutiny, social networks and, ultimately, the non-acceptance by customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in the process. The reputation of a mark affects all aspects of a company, from recruitment, rotation, retention, price and commitment of the investor to its media relations and organizational environment. Social Responsibility bet is betting on the good image and acceptance of the entire chain.
  6. Happy customers : a responsible strategy is positive for society but also for customers. Your customers will be more satisfied when consuming products, the result of a responsible process, and your company will get more market share.
  7. Operating profit : Sustainable practices can generate innovative processes, increased productivity and undoubtedly better performance of resources.
  8. Organizational benefits : Establish responsible and sustainable processes will enable not only comply with the rules, and therefore have less interference from regulators, but also have a lower risk of operation and happier collaborators.

Along with these eight reasons are many more advantages bet on corporate social responsibility. The challenge for leadership is profitably integrate these practices in organizational work, from the factory floor to the boardroom, on a commitment.


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