8+ How to be an independent Freelance makeup artist

8+ How to be an independent Freelance makeup artist | tinobusiness
8+ How to be an independent Freelance makeup artist | tinobusiness

The makeup artists help brides look beautiful, to achieve a certain look for models and helps create a character for a TV show or a movie. There are several different educational paths for you to reports in this race. Once you’re done, or you’ve gained some experience in a company, you may want to have the freedom and variety that presents the possibility of being an independent makeup artist. But to achieve this, you need more than just your professional skill. You need to also be a businesswoman and know how to sell your skills creatively.


How to be an independent makeup artist

1. Hire someone or create your own website to show your portfolio of photos “before and after”. If you do not have them, ask your friends to sit and lick it. Make a trade or a deal with a novice photographer who also need to build your portfolio. Is much more professional your website and images, the more they will hire you.

2. Begin to make yourself known. Send to do professional business cards with your contact information and your website address. Advertise your services in all social networking sites to which they belong, such as Facebook, MySpace or Google. Ask your friends who have blogs that mention your website and your services. The goal is to target both web traffic to your site as possible.

3. In this business, it’s all word of mouth. Gather a list of people you know who might be interested in your services. Think of friends who will marry soon or maybe your sister and her friends are going to the prom and need makeup.


4. It reaches as many people as possible. Send emails and mass text messages only work when the time to actually book a job arrives. Lift the receiver or write a personal message to a potential customer.

5. Be sure to give each customer your business card. You can even give you some extra and ask customers to recommend you to their friends and partners.

6. Join networking groups. Become friendly in the industry. If a makeup artist can not do a job, he will recommend to their talented friends to do it for her.

7. Improve your self-marketing doing an excellent job. The better job you do, the better what is said from mouth to mouth.

8. Connect with complementary professional fields and make teams. If you know a photographer, ask that advertises any of your shots can include a professional makeup done for you at an additional price, which goes to you. Other complementary fields include wedding planners, hairdressers, modeling agencies, event planners and designers of clothing or fashion.


Tips & Warnings
  • Sometimes, friends or family want to free the wear makeup. Probably best to charge a special rate “for friends and family” or make a trade for things they might need.


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