7+ Lessons on Coca-Cola Branding


Coca-Cola is a leading brand in marketing and advertising. It is among the most valuable and well-known in the world. Branding has been the key to getting where you are today. I share with you in this post 7 lessons on the Coca-Cola branding.

Coca-Cola is the leading brand in marketing and advertising. It is among the most valuable and well-known in the world. Branding has been the key to getting where you are today. I share with you in this post 7 lessons on the Coca-Cola branding.

When we think about branding, the first brand that comes to mind is Coca-Cola, Apple, etc. There is a study that reveals that the second most well-known word behind “ok” is “Coca Cola”. No company has managed to be as present in the minds of consumers as the soda drink of the United States. Coca Cola has understood since its inception that branding is key to selling more. What are the lessons we can learn about brand branding?

1. Good product : a product you like facilitates branding. Above all viral marketing depends a lot on it. In another case the reputation and desired image quickly turns into the opposite direction of the desired one in the moment that the consumer tests for the first time the product.

2. Tell a story : behind the drink there is a story about its development at a pharmacy as a medicine against headache. That’s why the “prototype” of Coca Cola we know today even contained coca leaves. 125 years ago it was an ingredient that was used as medicine.

3. Presence always and everywhere : on the smallest island and withdrawn from the world you will not find many shops. You also will not have a great variety of products but you can be sure of locating a Coke. Surely the only advertising poster on the island contains a red background with the famous white letter. A friend made an expedition in the Himalayan area. There was nothing but at 5,000 meters you could still buy Coca Cola.

4. Branding is still advertising : it seems that today social networks replace traditional advertising. Coca Cola proves that more than 100 years ago branding was advertising and it is still today as well. It is true that we have more options that allow us to work with guerrilla marketing tactics . The trick is to find the good mix of online marketing activities that allow you to achieve the greatest branding impact.

5. Branding an emotion : Everyone knows that Coca Cola is happiness. The message conveyed by the brand is: “If you want to be happy, drink a Coke.” The company sends us the advertising message that is related to the most desired of humanity: happiness. Matching the branding message with an emotion makes even though your competition outweighs them in flavor, you will never be able to get what Coca Cola brings us: be happy.

6. Being close to passion : if you want to be related to happiness you have to be close to the emotions. Coca Cola is one of the brands that has more presence in local, national and international sporting events. Sharing the moments of passion with your target audience has been a very powerful marketing tool since years for this company.

7. Be constant : consistency is a key factor in the success of the product. Both at the level of features and at the level of marketing and advertising, the brand has been faithful to its values. An attempt to change the taste of Coca Cola was a total failure. “Never change a winning team”. In this case it has been shown to be a correct sentence. Branding is not achieved from today to tomorrow. It is a work that takes years to bring the first fruits and requires continuity to maintain the reputation and desired image.

You do not have to be Coca-Cola to invest in branding campaigns. Even with much more modest budgets you can already perform actions that help you reinforce the brand. The Internet is a channel with many possibilities. Starting online has a cost advantage because for the same coverage you would have to pay a multiple on an offline channel.

Now it’s your turn: What are the lessons about branding that Coca Cola has given you?

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