6+1 Questions for entrepreneurs | Beggining steps and throughts

6+1 Questions for entrepreneurs | Beggining steps and throughts | tinobusiness.com
6+1 Questions for entrepreneurs | Beggining steps and throughts | tinobusiness.com

If you want good ideas for the challenges of your business, ask yourself the right questions. The questions are magic, can open or close possibilities. Many times we rely on finding solutions to questions that we have ever done, and as entrepreneurs, we wonder what daily and at all times, you can make the difference between a business that connects, inspires and grows, versus one that fell.


When we see nothing but disasters and crises that confront us in our business, maybe we’re just doing the wrong questions and, before that, the inadequate responses not slow in coming.

Here are seven key questions that any entrepreneur should be done if you want to find answers to grow your business and shoot their results.





1. What will do my business from me today?

Many times we forget this basic question. We focus on what we want from our business, our team, our customers and we forget to ask what the business is requiring me. With this simple question we can improve our leadership and be an accelerator of results rather than a brake.




2. What would make me jump for joy if it fulfilled my business this year? Are you on the goals?


Many times we settle for the “way things are”, forgetting that we can take what touched us and do miracles with it. Passion is important in the case of those who are entrepreneurs, I would say it is vital that achievement. What would you celebrate big? Then go for it … put it on your business goals and enjoy while you get it.



3. If you have a perfect company decided what would be the first change you should do?

We agree that having the perfect company is utopian, however refuse to pursue that ideal could limit and remain in mediocrity. What chasing bad in order to have the perfect business? Perhaps having that ideal could take to make small big changes that will help you grow in many aspects of your business.




4. Can I hire myself to run my company?

Most who headed one think, we do pretty well as business leaders, however, just read a book by John Maxwell to realize that we are not even the half of leader we could be. A business grows to where their leader grows. If you had to hire a leader for your business Do you engage yourself? If not, congratulations, you have work to do on yourself. If yes, congratulations, you also have work to do to yourself, because as our business, if we are not growing we are dying.




5. What are the three things that mark the huge difference in my company? Are they targets?

Many times radically change the results of your business, not depending on more than three factors. Ask yourself and force your brain to find those three things that make them, generate deep and positive changes in your business. Once you find that you should do, you think how you would feel if you could get twice that goal. Too good to be true? Remember, if you want good answers to the challenges of your business, ask yourself the right questions. Once you have them put them into goals.





6. Where do I want my business to be in 10 years? If I keep going like where will I be in 10 years?

Too often we are so busy in the immediate future, that we forget where we want to go. This question helps us to permanently adjust the sails for a long journey, not just for a ride. It is necessary to ensure that the daily, weekly, monthly and annual challenges, we are not moving away from that dream, that great challenging and inspiring goal. As Walt Disney said ” Ask yourself if what you’re doing today you closer to where you want to be tomorrow . ”




7. What would the world lose if today my business is closed?

This question constantly do in my workshops for entrepreneurs and unfortunately most of them do not know what to say. Finding the answer to this question gives you the clarity of what your business really is, adding value to your customers, you have the great mission for the society and the main reason that your competition can not win.

Find a good reason why your business exists and have great news to tell your prospects and customers.



For you, what is the most important question that should be for an entrepreneur?




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