6+1 Habits of sleep for entrepreneurs | Entrepreneural Tips and Tricks | tinobusiness

6+1 Habits of sleep for entrepreneurs | Entrepreneural Tips and Tricks | tinobusiness.com
6+1 Habits of sleep for entrepreneurs | Entrepreneural Tips and Tricks | tinobusiness.com
Sleep is necessary for optimal brain function, make better decisions and stay focused on the business.

We all know that lack of sleep is harmful to health -afecta mood, increases the risk of depression and psychological disorders as well as cardiovascular disease, and lowers the immune system health. But due to the stress generated by running a business and working for so many hours, most entrepreneurs should work with little sleep.

The expert of sleep, Dr. Lisa Shives says that; sleep seven to eight hours daily is critical part succeed as an entrepreneur.

“Sleep affects our executive function; the area of the brain responsible for decision-making, creative thinking ., memory and reaction time, “

-she says Shives Follow these seven habits of sleep to feel good and be successful:

6+1 Habits of sleep for entrepreneurs | Entrepreneural Tips and Tricks | tinobusiness.com




1. Avoid alcohol before bedtime


Although alcohol can provoke sleep affects quality. “The dream is lighter, have less REM (the deepest stage of sleep),” says Shives. Alcohol can also cause you to get up at midnight. “Many people wake up after four hours, because that is the time it takes to metabolize alcohol, and then have trouble getting back to sleep,” she says. Although studies have shown that a glass of wine at dinner can have effects of positive for cardiovascular health, recommends avoiding any kind Shives alcohol before bedtime.



2. Turn off electronic devices before bedtime


Shives switches off the gadgets one hour before bedtime.”The light that is emitted screen makes your neurotransmitters are in a waking position,” says Shives. The gadgets also forces our brains to be active when you really need time to relax before bedtime. Shives recommended time before bedtime to do something relaxing like reading a book or talk to someone in your family.



3. Enter your concerns


If you are in bed thinking about the day’s events, Shives recommended a “worry journal where scribes the issues that are bothering you. For those who have the mind immersed in checklists, Shives says to put the list on paper instead of on the head helps to clarify your mind and ‘turn off’ before bedtime.



4. Create the perfect sleep environment

The optimal sleep environment is cool, dark and quiet. “Part of feeling sleepy at night is because your body temperature starts to drop,” says Shives. Eliminates distractions of light and sound, load your smartphone out of your room to avoid the brightness, vibration and the temptation to review it.




5. Practise

Exercise promotes healthy sleep patterns because it releases serotonin and dopamine. These are the same neurotransmitters that are important in regulating the 24-hour cycle of waking-sleep, known as circadian rhythm.




6. Avoid sugary food before bedtime

If you fancy something to eat, Shives recommended bet on something with protein and fat as a yogurt, instead of something with sugar. “Proteins and fats have low blood sugar, which means they release energy stable overnight,” says Shives. Instead, carbohydrates and sugars get a quick release of energy, which can affect sleep quality.




7. Wake up to the light


The morning is so important for your sleep habits as night. Getting sunlight helps to set the wake circadian rhythm, helping to ensure that you are more tired at night. Start your day with your morning coffee sitting next to a window.

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