6+ How to set advertising rates for a magazine

6+ How to set advertising rates for a magazine | tinobusiness
6+ How to set advertising rates for a magazine | tinobusiness

In order to establish advertising rates for a magazine, you need to learn what the advertisers are willing to pay and what you need to win to stay in business. You can do this by analyzing not only the journals of the competition, but also other areas where advertisers are spending their money, such a Radio, television and the Internet. Using a survey of potential advertisers and a simple formula to compare yourself with the competition will help you set realistic rates.


1. Collect media teams of your competitors. These contain the advertising rates of a magazine, a newspaper, a website or transmission. Study cards rates in these teams to determine their cost-per-thousand, or CPM. This is the price an advertiser pays to reach 1,000 people. For example, if a newspaper has a circulation of 50,000 copies and an ad costs $ 3,000, the newspaper CPM is $ 3,000 divided by 50 = $ 60.


2. Sets the rate of your ads depending on whether you want your CPM is higher, lower or equal to that of your competitors. If you have a more attractive or unique movement, you can set your higher rates. If the number of readers is similar to your competitors, you may have to set a lower CPM based on the fact that your publication has an unknown number of copies.



3. Create frequent discounts. If an advertiser buys more than one ad, make a discount.Sets different rates for quantity purchases. For example, if you publish a monthly basis, you can set the rate for an ad on the basis of a contract once, three, six or twelve times.


4Create tariff packages. If you sell exhibition space in your magazine and poster ads on your site, direct mail offers for your subscription list includes inserted in the publication or materials decomercialización packages for client card designs different combinations of options. For example, if an advertiser buys three ads, you may get a free poster on your website. If you buy a print ad, a poster and a card, you may receive a percentage discount on each.



5. Meet with prospective advertisers or call to talk about what they are willing to pay for advertising in your magazine. If they feel they are trying to create a magazine that will help them reach their audience in an economical and effective manner, it is more likely to give you realistic impressions of the frequency and price with which they will announce in your publication.


6. Create a budget for your magazine. You may need to set your ad rates relative to your income and expenses. If you have a limited number of pages you can afford to print them and send and if you know the percentage of your magazine you want to devote to publishing and advertising, you can use these figures to help establish your advertising rates. For example, if you go to print a 48-page magazine and you want a ratio of 50-50 advertising space, this should cover your costs and provide a profit on the sale of 24 advertising pages. If you need $ 48,000 to cover the costs, including overhead, for a number of your magazine, you’ll need to set your rates to generate $ 2,000 per advertising page. If circulation is 50,000, the CPM for an entire page would be $ 40.You’ll have to sell full page ads for $ 2,000 to $ 1,000 half page, quarter page $ 500 and so on.




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