6+ How to make money as an affiliate of Amazon

6+ How to make money as an affiliate of Amazon | tinobusiness
6+ How to make money as an affiliate of Amazon | tinobusiness

Amazon is the biggest online shop in the world and part of the reason is due to the diversity of their sales methods. Amazon sells products directly, contracts with other companies to sell their products on site and offers anyone the opportunity to enter the car sales from Amazon. Sign up for Amazon Associate and be a seller of anything on the Amazon website.

When someone clicks on the item through your page(blog/website) and buy it, you get a commission. Make a few dollars a month or a full-time income, depending on how much time and effort you put into being an affiliate of Amazon.

6+ How to make money as an affiliate of Amazon | tinobusiness
6+ How to make money as an affiliate of Amazon | tinobusiness

1. Go to the Amazon Associates website and sign up for an account. Fill in the text boxes with the requested information. You will be given a unique account number(personal link). Write down/copy this number and keep it in a safe place.


2. Look through Amazon’s website to find the items you want to sell. You receive a percentage of the selling price, so sell larger items is an address that point. You’ll get a higher percentage if you make more sales in a single month, so you may also want to sell some smaller items. No matter the cost, choose the elements that are familiar or can research well.



3. Sign up for free sites like Squidoo added items, Hubpages and InfoBarrel allowing ads on the pages of Amazon. Add your code number Amazon Associate your profile or account. Choose topics related to the products you want to sell. If you want to sell a certain BBQ, write an article on how to grill on a barbecue. It includes an Amazon ad for your chosen element particularly in your article page. When people read your article, they will see an ad for your product and, if possible, click it.


4. Start a blog with a theme that connects with the chosen theme or themes. Write blog postings template and have regular Amazon ads in each posting, tied with the theme of your blog.


5. Start a blog on a topic you are passionate about and find objects with Amazon to tie it. Make a blog about a hobby and put ads for supplies hobbies or post on your children and placed advertisements for toys, books and handicrafts. Begins first with the issue and find the element of sales in second place.


6. Write articles and entries other sites and your blogs and articles. When people read your article and are interested in the subject, they will click on the link for more information. After reading more, they can click on your ad to purchase a product from Amazon.


Did not understand well? Watch these videos to gain more information and learn how to do it.



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