6+ Essential steps to create a cash Newsletter

6+ Essential steps to create a cash Newsletter | tinobusiness

Email Marketing has not lost its validity and remains an indispensable tool for generating traffic to your site and even higher sales tool. So we want to teach creating a mailing list and / or cash Mailing help you capture the attention and commitment to its customers.

It is said that by 2018 there will be over 5.200 million active email accounts worldwide and that 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day. A scenario that is more than promising to be encouraged to hone their skills in the art of Email Marketing.

The first aspect that must form it is in the planning and preparation of newsletters and / or Mailings effective to help you get the attention of the recipients of his message, and that your mail does not become lost in the ocean of electronic correspondence which they are sent every day.

Considering in principle always define what you want to give your subscribers, either a newsletter that has a periodicity of sending a week and focuses on sharing articles of interest to a publishing platform, or are determined to send a mailing to your subscribers on a monthly or biweekly, being more promotional and seeking a boost for their products through emails

It is for this reason that we have decided to teach 6 simple steps to follow when you start developing your email strategy and show some details that can make your email marketing tactics even more effective and powerful.




Step 1: Set your goals

The great philosopher Seneca said, “When you do not know where you are going, any road will do,” a reflection that shows that without a plan, you can reach many parts but not achieve its objectives.

That is why before you start, you and your digital computer could ask the following questions.

  • What do we get with the Newsletter / Mailing?
  • Who will be targeted?

  • When will you launch?

Answering these questions will help you achieve this what you want to define the actions and guidelines that you and your digital equipment must develop, because it will be much easier to create tactical actions that promote the achievement of all goals.



Step 2: Create and segment of your “Mailing List”

Having a database of emails that allow you to increase the reach of the message and if it is well segmented then it can give optimal performance to its strategy.

It is best to create this list slowly, without trying to win subscribers exorbitant amounts in a short time. You can start by introducing the database of customers who already have their company.

To be gaining subscribers, it is best to create a registration (subscription) form on website, to feed this list to people who are interested in their content and then, when sending a mass mailing, know that what they will get is useful and is to your liking.

6+ Essential steps to create a cash Newsletter | tinobusiness

The work of creating and nurturing your subscriber list is an ongoing task, go to send a message or not. But when launching a newsletter or a mailing tool is best used as Mailchimp , emBlue , Mail relay or Benchmark, to segment the list by age, location and interests, according to the objectives above.



Step 3: Cure content

Now you must choose the content you want to send in your newsletter designed to achieve the goals that have been proposed in the plantation and the public to which it is addressed. Choosing correctly the audience will allow content to engage your audience and achieve the goals you set out to achieve.

On the other hand, if you just want to send a lot more promotional mailer, you must begin to write and build your message, trying to be very creative and eye-catching, especially bearing in mind that no one wants to be invaded by vendors. Make sure your message is 90% education and 10% dedicated to sell their product.

IMPORTANT: Remember that you should not write thinking of others, trying to be very personal, ie not write in plural, and also trying to make more personalized message using proper names.



Step 4: Design and diagram the message

A template Newsletter or Mailing designed correctly can be the difference that allows reach and exceed goals.

Fill a email information and pictures can be more than annoying and can affect the result and even the number of registered in your mailing list. “Less is more”.

Important: Every rule has its exception and in this case we must not forget that you should put a button “Call to Action” that highlights and motivates users to perform the desired action, such as leads, subscriptions, sales, among others.




Step 5: Create a line of “Subject” creative, striking and interesting

Once you know your target audience and has built an interesting message, it’s time to build the increasingly important part of the message shorter and the line “Subject“.

This is the only part of the message you see in the inboxes of email services and is the first point of contact with the user, so this should be striking and interesting for subscribers open the mail.



Step 6: Monitor and make trial

It may sound a bit obvious, but many times the importance of constant monitoring and testing results and modifications that can be done to improve performance message forgotten. Try different release times, subject lines, content issues, etc., and measure whether what you are doing works best for your audience.



BONUS: Remember to be “Mobile Friendly”

Did you know that 78% of smartphone users use their phone to check email, while 84% of tablet owners use their device for the same purpose?

The panorama of Email Marketing in the mobile world is more than promising, and that it is useless to invest their time and job creating newsletters or mailings if they will not work on portable devices like smartphones or tablets, then your message will not be read in a gigantic audience.

Learn to develop effective email messages takes work, time and dedication, but it certainly can take your digital strategy to the next level, as it will optimize a digital resource essential in the lives of all web users. So I invite you to try these steps and start creating messages that stand out in the world of Internet.


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