5+ The benefits of advertising on TV

5+ The benefits of advertising on TV | tinobusiness
5+ The benefits of advertising on TV | tinobusiness

Television is a powerful medium of advertising. It is based on the sound and visual effects. These effects can be used in combination to capture the attention of the audience and strengthen retention rates repeating the message using sound and video. Those who advertise can make their ads using the same subject for multiple advertisements for TV, making their business be like a small series of television with captive followers.

Mass appeal

The TV has a mass appeal. Individuals watching TV for a variety of reasons: some look for the latest news and financial information; others seek entertainment and enjoy the dramas, comedies and sports. People of all ages and all races watching TV.It reaches a variety of people from different strata, which for those who advertise makes efficient in terms of costs to reach the masses.


Some may see the intrusion as a bad thing, but for advertisers is a way to get into homes to get to their buyers. Some viewers may leave the room at the time of the trade, but many stay because they do not want to miss the start of the program at the end of them. This creates a captive audience for TV commercials.



A TV commercial well done attracts an audience that wants to look. Think about the Super Bowl. Every year when the Super Bowl approaches, viewers want to see not only the game but also commercial. The ability to graphically entertaining trade can help advertisers create followers who enjoy the game with the ads. That way, the advertiser creates a loyal customer base.

Exposure times

According to the study from Ball State University, the average person watches TV more than 4 1/2 hours per day. It is longer than used to listen to the radio or read the newspaper. This increases the time the trade is displayed. Unlike radio, which has options to buy air without commercial interruptions, television advertising has a regular place during those 4 1/2 hours per day in which an individual looks. Although TiVo lets viewers watch their programs without commercials, this technology has not yet been expanded.

The TV uses multiple methods of communication

Radio advertisers can attract only one of the senses of his listeners ear. Television, on the other hand, has the advantage of attracting two, hearing and vision. Attracting both ways an advertiser can use the TV so that they reinforce each other. You can talk about a settlement date in a television commercial and can reinforce the concept with a graph. Using a high-quality graphic is probable that the customer remember the product on who was listening in the commercial.



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