5+ Reasons the product videos increase Sales of Online Store

5+ Reasons the product videos increase Sales of Online Store - tinoshare.com

If you are not using videos on your online store, you’re most probably losing sales. The videos are very attractive resources to increase sales and be more detailed of the particular products. The video has become a powerful marketing tool that would be crazy to ignore for online retailers. In this post, I’ll give 5 reasons why that product videos will help you sell more.

1. Google likes videos

Research shows that Google search results structure is to give priority to sites with videos. Moreover, Google displays search results “mixed” (mix of video, images, news, maps, and other means, in addition to the regular search results). If you optimize your videos properly, they will have an opportunity to better position themselves. Here are 2 easy ways to get your video is positioned higher in Google:

  1. YouTube is owned by Google, so it is not surprising that most of the videos are better ranked hosted on YouTube. Host video on YouTube and put it on your site. To get extra points, put your video on a page that contains rich text relevant keywords.
  2. Use keywords in the video file name, title, description, and tags.

2. People share videos

Studies show that people are more likely to share video pages of text. Shopify has realized that sharing the videos on the Facebook page often reap more attention than ordinary text messages. People are more likely to click on a video thumbnail to do about something that has no visual or multimedia element. In addition, YouTube makes it easy for others to embed the video on your site.

3. They are good for the lazy…

Energy is required to watch a video, but to read an article … well, that’s a different story. In short, the video is easier to watch and understand of the presentation. If you’ve ever wasted hours watching television or playing content on YouTube you know exactly what I’m talking about. The video allows you to captivate the audience and can ignore the information that otherwise would have to pass through text.

4. If a picture is worth a thousand words …

The videos are worth 1,000,000! Well, maybe not a million, but the video has the ability to convey a lot of information in a short period of time. Having a video showing your product will give your customer more information about what,  how, and even hit an emotional cord and subconsciously tell them how they should feel about the article.

5. Add a personal touch

There are a lot of buyers looking for that experience “boutique”. You know something with a personal touch. The video is a great way to add some customization to your online store. When you enter a hardware store it is likely to receive a warm greeting, followed by personalized recommendations and assistance (if necessary). Use video to replicate this experience. Even if it’s just a video greeting on your blog, or perhaps a behind the scenes to how something is done, you will be surprised how customers can be loyal if they see a face behind the company.

In this case, you already know how effective video presentation of the particular product is. But you maybe asking, “how can I create a video?”. Consider reading this post and surely you will have an idea : Resources to Create & Edit videos for Online Store


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