5+ Marketing ideas for fine jewelry

5+ Marketing ideas for fine jewelry | tinobusiness
5+ Marketing ideas for fine jewelry | tinobusiness

Fine jewelry marketing involves more than an elegant showcase and display the creative  shop . With a combination of strategy and creativity, you can take your marketing message out of the store and the audience with a minimal investment of time and money.  Here are some ideas for marketing fine jewelry out beyond the cabinet.


Setting up an online store

No need to invest in a site  web  personalized  business  mail to your  inventory  of fine jewelry available for purchase online. A simple eBay store, or if your jewelry is handmade, Etsy.com, will suffice. A web address or simple and easy to remember domain can be forwarded to your shop, no matter where you stay, and you can help spread the word by including the URL in your email signature and all your correspondence. An online store is a relatively quick and easy way to increase the visibility of your products and expand your customer base.

Creating a smart catalog

Think outside of the brochure or booklet, and create a standard catalog format that will be as memorable attention-grabbing as your product can do. For example, the marketing company IDEAS photography, Brilliant jewelry individual pieces and designs a baseball card around each picture with a story about the piece, then pack up together in a box of cassette tape labeled “Greatest Hits”. The catalog format fad was a great success with customers.

Model your jewelry in public

There is a reason why world-class jewelers like Cartier and Tiffany jewelry to pay celebrities to wear at the Oscars. Modeling jewelry in public is a great way to attract attention and create awareness of your product. Choose pieces that draw attention from your inventory to take with you when you leave, or allow your sales people take selected pieces while working. Consider offering women the local news presenters or other celebrities with a few pieces, as are the air.

It provides strategic discounts

A timely sale is a valuable tool for attracting new customers, and special discounts for loyal customers are a great way to keep them coming back for more. Keep a mailing list of your customers and send them special offers through email or online newsletters. Holds a big sale in January to take any cash gift your potential customers have received in December. A sale not only brings new customers, but also keeps inventory liquid cleaning the room for new items.

Give inventory

It may sound like a drastic measure, but give away your product in small quantities it runs voices and create customer loyalty. Consider mail personalized gift certificates to your best customers on their birthdays, or near the holidays, to show your appreciation, or to thank those who have done you favors or provided excellent service with the delivery of gift cards.

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