5+ How to create a blog and make money from it

5+ How to create a blog and make money from it | tinobusiness
5+ How to create a blog and make money from it | tinobusiness

Although it is rare for online advertising large fortunes overnight earn, it’s a great field that almost anyone can enter, without spending much money. In fact, many of the sites of outstanding blogs are free. Write about a topic of interest and make your articles to attract readers. This is the best way to start earning money to supplement your principal.


1. Choose a platform for your blog. Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are free sites that provide web hosting and to start a blog. There are other alternatives such as Drupla, Joomla and WordPress.org are platforms that you can use to create your blog on your own web server. Although the use of these platforms is free, you must pay to register a domain name and open an account with a web host.


2. Choose a provider of advertising, or joins a monetary partner for your blog. For example, you can add Google AdSense to your blog and start making money with little effort. Some free blogging providers may have limitations that must follow when advertising display. WordPress.com does not allow AdSense advertising on free blogs. To display the ads of your choice on WordPress.com, you must raise your account or sign up Ad Control. Ad Control gives you half the profits from advertising, while the other half is for WordPress.



3. Establishes a niche or theme for your blog. If your goal is to give readers click on the ads or buy your products, select a topic that can search a person interested in buying products. For example, someone interested in buying a new video card may find a blog about computer hardware reviews. Potentially, you can earn money from a blog with any subject, but it may be difficult to do with a blog that is not focused on any product.


4. Add content to your blog to start building a base of readers. Readers looking for content that can not be found elsewhere. Avoid using content you found on other pages, and create content that is fresh and original. Original content is the result of an extensive search or select topics for your articles which have many knowledge.


5. Optimize your content easier for people to find it through search engines. Help think of keywords for each article you write. For example “make money online” are relevant keywords to an article about making money blogging. The most important keywords of your article should be in the title and in the contents. Search engines use the text of your article to determine its topic. Your text must contain the words that people use when searching for a particular type of article.



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