5 Chilean institutions supporting entrepreneurship

5 Chilean institutions supporting entrepreneurship | tinobusiness
5 Chilean institutions supporting entrepreneurship | tinobusiness

In Chile there are institutions such as ProChile, Corfo, asech, Startup Chile and innovated; they can help you boost your business idea through different programs.

Chile is one of the most competitive countries in Latin America. According to the latest report of the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor), this country has an economy based on efficiency and innovation economy. In addition, countries like Chile with Uruguay and Peru have the highest concentration of entrepreneurial initiatives arising from identifying new opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Also, it is one of the countries in the region “with greater expectation of creating jobs through entrepreneurship.”

For this reason, it is important to identify institutions with tools and learn to guide and provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and businessmen:

  • ProChile : It is an institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for advising and offering knowledge and information to facilitate the internationalization of companies.
  • Corfo : The Corporation improving competitiveness and diversification in Chile, through programs that encourage investment, innovation and entrepreneurship. (See also: The interview with Inti Nuñez, Manager of Entrepreneurship Corfo ).
  • Start-Up Chile is one of the best accelerators in Latin America and has more than 750 startups worldwide. Through counseling, mentoring and access to a network of international contacts, Start-Up Chile seeks to become the center of innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America.
  •  Asech : The Association of entrepreneurs of Chile that promotes and defends the venture. Its aim is to realize the dreams of freedom, and optimal conditions that do not limit the creation of new business ideas.
  • Innovo : It is a center of innovation and technology transfer dedicated to offer specialized support services, linking innovative management and technology projects. Also, through the Incubator Innovo-Usach, support business ideas in early stage technology-based.

To conclude, it is essential that new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs know networks and institutions that support and enhance their ideas. In Chile, the same National GEM Report states that: “37% of the adult population that has no contact with entrepreneurship, mentioned knowing someone who is starting a new business. However, about 60% of those who do are linked directly or indirectly to the enterprise have considerably higher values “. That is, that one of the characteristics of entrepreneurs in this country, is evidence in personal relationships, in addition to the contacts established in the ecosystem




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