4+ Psychological Tricks to Influence Your Customers

4+ Psychological Tricks to Influence Your Customers

Not everyone is born with the gift of influencing people. Those who do always succeed. They get the girl, the car, the fame, the best jobs, and the best things. You see them entering the place, and everyone knows him, and when he thinks he listens carefully.

That is to be influential indeed.

You will think that influencing people is a gift from another planet, or it is a product of the art of magic. It is not like this.

Although some are born to be influential and others are to learn the secret on their own; If you want to be truly influential ( that your word is the law and all listen ), you will have to follow a formula. A method of psychological tricks that will help you achieve your goals.

To be a person of prosperity and to be successful, you must have something in mind: To be influential is your duty.

These 4 psychological tricks you will learn next have helped our clients and students achieve their goals. Apply them to be more influential.


WARNING: The solutions presented in this text should be used for the good.  These tricks should apply with LOT care: A great power asks you a great responsibility.  If you pass your hand you can pass as a manipulator. Playing with the minds of others is not a game.


1.  Have them visualise a goal

When you have a talk and do not know what to say, make the other person imagine a great achievement. For example, let them dream that they can do something incredible, earn a large sum of money, or be awarded something they like.

We are all suggestible, that is, we can be convinced to make or feel something.

Stimulating people’s imagination will help you have control over any situation. They will feel more identified with you.

According to research from the University of Washington, people who imagine are more likely to feel contiguous. In addition, this study has proven that imagination is more efficient in reaching your goals.

The ability to imagine gives an incredible boost to your desires. So make yourself dream and discover the potential of this psychological trick on people.

4+ Psychological Tricks to Influence Your Customers

2.  Demonstrate that you are flexible

Although you have in mind to achieve something and you think this is the only solution, you should not IMPOSE your will over other people. People do not believe in dictators.

For some reason, the great leaders of the world, the really influential, yielded at some point.

“You have to give in to change. You can not stay without doing anything. “- Harry of Wales

When you are influential, you are open to change, accept suggestions and also give.

Guide yourself to the basic principle of giving and receiving.

If you seem inflexible, people will not be so willing to give in. On the other hand, if you look like someone flexible, people will feel identified with the way you treat them.

That way you can be influential. Establishing your authority over the weakest. But with flexibility.

3.  Look at them steadily.

A good psychological trick that serves to have influence, is to direct the person directly, seeing him in the eyes.

Remember that people, in general terms, do not care who you are or what you have to say: we are selfish by nature. But, if you turn your conversation around your problems, in a personal way, they will be more suggestible.

And if, in addition, with eyes insist on obtaining an answer, you will have more opportunities of influent.

Do it. Talk to someone, and after asking something, look directly. Make sure that your question is about something personal. Sail directly into the eyes, without bothering you, supporting your question.

You will be impressed by the results and you will see a change in your dealings with you.

4+ Psychological Tricks to Influence Your Customers

4.  Reward ideas

When you want to achieve something and influence a person , remember that we are sensitive to unexpected gifts. We all like to receive a prize.

Imagine that a stranger gives you something you’ve always wanted. Would not you feel indebted to that person?  Or let your boss reward your performance. Should not you do something for your organization?

This is how your mind works. This is called RECIPROCITY LAW. If you get someone to get a gift they really want or need, this person will be more open to your suggestions, and they will feel grateful. Remuneration is the next step.

I do not mean giving away a $ 500 watch.

It is a matter of providing VALUABLE details; Not buying wills or manipulating people.

So use this psychological trick very carefully . Give and you will receive.


Now that you know these 4 psychological tricks, you have a responsibility to use them with care, without affecting others.

Shiv Khera, the author and lecturer on motivation, comments that there are 2 types of leaders. Some are actively guiding, others are bad leaders who do not lead. “For this, leadership is about persuasion, presentation, and gift of people.”

If you want to be truly influential, and a leader in your industry, apply these psychological tricks to leverage your success.

And you … Do you really influence the lives of your clients?

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