4+ Keys for being a good waitress / waiter

4+ Keys for being a good waitress / waiter | tinobusiness
4+ Keys for being a good waitress / waiter | tinobusiness

4+ Keys for being a good waitress / waiter | tinobusinessTipping is not required in most  restaurants, however, for most of the waitresses, gratuity comprises an important part of their salary. Because customers are more likely to leave a tip when they receive an  exceptional service, corresponding to a waitress to give their customers the best experience possible, regardless of the type of restaurant where he works.



Many restaurants have a dress code, and even uniforms for their maids. One of the keys to being a good waitress is to keep a clean personal appearance. In addition to using only freshly cleaned clothes to work, this also includes keeping the collected hair from your face. Stains and stray hairs are unpalatable to customers. Spills are an expected occurrence for the waitresses, but it is important to take a moment to cleanse and to clean up the mess before moving to the next table.



Whether you’re working on a chain or in a five-star restaurant, it is vital to use appropriate jargon-free language and informality to talk with customers. Food Steward recommends talking only about the menu with new customers, and provide the parameters as they begin to have regular customers. Speak clearly and loud enough for all to hear the table; for most people, this tone will be different as would be used to chat with friends.


Customers often have questions about the menu items and food preparations, and the more you can answer, the better the service you are providing. Study the menu and try the dishes so you can make personal recommendations. For special offers, watch the chefs describe the dishes. When a client asks for an explanation of a dish, describe it from the bottom up, starting with the first element. Consider allergies to common foods, such as gluten intolerance or dairy products, and note the menu items that can be recommended to customers with these limitations.


Even good waitresses make mistakes; how they handle those mistakes defines the type of service they offer. Never make excuses for a mistake, simply correct it as soon as possible and offer an apology. Because the waitresses are the first line of contact with customers in a restaurant, they should also deal with customers when the cook or employee has made a mistake. Equally important in this situation to apologize and be friendly without adopting a defensive attitude. No matter who is at fault, a good waitress makes customer satisfaction its top priority.



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