4 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free


When writing regular blog posts, we like to play them. Too often, we launch a blog that gives up a few weeks later because visitors are not at the rendezvous.

So, How to make a blog? What habits used to give visibility to your articles? And most importantly, how to bring new visitors to your website?

As with any online marketing approach, the ideal is to be mechanical. By setting reasonable goals – and taking it! – We are sure to achieve measurable results and be optimized.


1. Intervene in Linkedin groups, Viadeo, Google+ communities

Have you noticed how some social networks become fully fledged media? There, one finds the content interesting, varied and qualified. This is provided by users themselves and gets more comments and commitment, that if it had been broadcasted via traditional media.


So your goal is to publicize your blog. Groups and communities (as it is on any particular social network) are a real opportunity to distribute your articles and bring visitors to your blog.

Specifically, you must first identify those areas where you can post because they match your area of expertise or create them by yourself . Then, at regular intervals, daily or weekly, have the reflex to propose members to read an article from your blogthat could be of interest to you and make returns and comments .

Examples of communities in which you could intervene depending on your specialty or article directions. Let’s say, you article is about Samsung mobile. So, you should join the groups related to “Mobile Phones”, “Mobile news”, “Smartphones”, “Technology”.etc, and post you content on those groups in order to attract people and they will definitely click and come to your article as they are also joined on those groups with a reason of getting some news about related community or groups or fan pages.

  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook


2. Write articles on other blogs guests

It is a practice highly developed across the Atlantic democratizing our country: the guest post – understand writing articles as a guest on a blog that is not yours. As an original article is drafted to appear on the blog of a colleague or that one leaves the keys to his own space to an editor of his entourage, that although a virtuous habit to publicize his blog!

In practice, you can offer all the people you meet in the course of your professional activity for you to write or publish one of your articles.

For example, here’s what each other can bring:

  • Your suppliers: application tips on the products sold.
  • Your customers: testimonies through interviews.
  • Your employees: their expertise on specific aspects of your benefits or corporate life.

In all cases, you are the winners:

if you are writing an article on another blog that is not yours: you should visit that page and stay updated of the audience that are interested to your article.

Some blogs welcome guests year round: it is the case that offers Emarketinglicious who wishes to contribute on becoming an editor. For others, we must propose a collaboration for agreement.

The important thing is in all cases are:

  • Check that the hearing of the blog fits your own target.
  • Send mail with your route, the content you publish, and already proposing topics for articles to write.
  • Write interesting content, useful or entertaining but certainly not shopping.

Respect the editorial charter and the rules for writing that collaboration is as natural and easy as possible – even it is renewed!

3. Follow a mechanical on social networks

Often we think that a blog should only follow the news and it is a single-use content. Yet this article you are reading is a cons-example.

The distribution of your content on social networks you use is dynamic : new people following you, some are closer to you and more easily plan to share your contributions , for example. Considering this, you can rely on all your published content and not just the one you just wrote.

There are tools that can program a routine on social networks (such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Facebook PostRocket or even directly). This is the first step: it is important, of course, continue to react in real time to respond to questions and comments.

So to make your blog, it is useful to:

  • Build up a list of items we can (re) use over time for its posts – an Excel spreadsheet;
  • Set writing rules or not incorporating a #hashtag, 35% of statistics and the dissemination of invitations for example;
  • Implement regularly this mechanical selflessly (you must suffer to be beautiful) and then measure results and improve what has to be.

4. Answer questions on forums

Internet forums bring together individuals from communities those interested in a domain: for they are experts or because they have questions on the subject. At a time when the production of content online is bloated, Internet users are looking for confidence .This is precisely what offer these spaces where you can get expert advice – filtered, validated or refuted by the community .

To publicize your blog, the idea is to participate in these discussions . Again, it is confidence and that is what you need to build. It is precisely to show its expertise in responding to a request, by providing a complementary point of view to what was said. It was after this first step you can build a more systematic relationship with your contacts,into coming to your blog directly and encouraging even relay your content .

Moreover, by doing so you open the door of spaces to which the search engines give a true place in their results and you are addressing highly skilled surfers.

In addition to being interesting circles visibility to disseminate blog articles, you will also see that these communities are inexhaustible sources of writing topics. All questions are all ideas for articles to be published on his blog. After writing the article that answers a question, you can return to the post to add a link to it: a new opportunity to make his blog!


In addition, you can go through to the videos below to get more deep ideas



Your turn to play !

Your blog to be an old hand or is brand new, these 4 tips are valid. By applying regularly, you are sure to make your blog notoriety and visibility that will then allow you to convert your visitors: sale, contact, quote or interaction.

And you, what advice do you give from your side an editor who wants to make his blog? Where do you find the resources to be consistent and applied in the distribution of your content?

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