3 Moves by Google to encourage collaborative economy

3 Moves by Google to encourage collaborative economy | tinobusiness

The collaborative economy is conquering the world and Google, with its constant innovation radar, was not immune to it. We bring you three moves that show that the software giant has been heavily involved in the Co-revolution.

The Internet has facilitated the consolidation of a new economic model that is mainly characterized by prioritizing access to goods and services on the owner of them. For this reason it is not surprising that one of the most important companies in the digital world has been interested in the so-called “Sharing Economy”. The attraction of the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin for projects based on the new economic conception beyond a simple look superfluous, because until today Google has already announced its support and interest in 3 economy based initiatives collaborative and here we teach them what they are.

Google angel investor:

Two years ago, Google became the largest investor in two ‘Startups’ badges collaborative economy.


On one hand Google Ventures, an investor venture capital arms of the icon of Silicon Valley, it was the largest contributor of money to Uber in a round of investment in 2013, bringing over $ 258 million for implementation Of transport.




In the same year he decided to invest in Lending Club platform financial loans one P2P (Peer to Peer or person to person) that allows users to acquire or finance credits between them without using the traditional banking system. One interesting project which seeks to reform the credit model in the world and which contributed more than $ 110 million.




In addition to this investment, the company has created a pilot program where through the platform, will buy the portfolios of its partner network (mainly in the US), that is, buy the debts of its associated companies to refinance at low-interest rates and no commissions. Google therefore invest their capital directly in the growth and evolution of its partners.



Google ally:

Another movement aimed at boosting Google projects based on collaboration, has been the adoption of several policies of “open source” to work hand in hand with developers and Web applications.

For example, one of the most innovative products of the company in recent years has been Google Now. This is an intelligent personal assistant using information collected by the search engine, your web browser Chrome and the same mobile device to organize the day of people, show relevant content and make suggestions based on your tastes.

In an effort to make this application is useful for any time and any situation, Google announced in late January a partnership with more than 30 developers including several collaborative projects based economy as entrepreneurship are for citizens to easily rent rooms to tourists worldwide, Airbnb platform or “Ridesharing» Lyft, two services that seek to transform the hospitality industry and transportation.



Google driving to the Future:

Google’s investment in Uber has been for many a way to test and study the market platforms’ Ridesharing “and last year made a big impact when he announced the draft autotripulados cars, as this showed its intention to compete with the automotive industry in a different way, as part of the company has been made to understand that these vehicles will be located in different neighborhoods and may be used by anyone who needs them through Google Now and its alliance with the Lyft service.




With this innovation they seek to democratize access to cars, allowing anyone move so fast and convenient, recovering the time spent on driving and thus reduce the need to own a private car.

No doubt these three examples we see that collaborative projects have reached the big leagues, as if a giant company that was a traditional economic model is turning its eyes to these innovative business models, becoming its mainstay, makes us think that very soon more and more initiatives emerge to find in this and other large traditional companies to its main financial and logistical ally to evolve, giving a new value to co-create and share.

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