24+1 Reasons why you should use WordPress | Tips

24+1 Reasons why you should use WordPress | Tips | tinobusiness.com
24+1 Reasons why you should use WordPress | Tips | tinobusiness.com

WordPress originally released in 2003 and has become perhaps the management system of the world’s most popular content. It is currently used by more than 74 million sites that publish new information every second. But what is so powerful? I share 25 reasons why your company should try:


1. It’s free.

No matter if you’re a blogger or launching an online store, that is very important that WordPress is free. Best of all is that you never have to worry about hidden charges if your site becomes more popular than you thought. Furthermore, it is an open network. This means you can improve or alter the code to create the site you need.


2. From the beginning is powerful.

Unlike other management systems, WordPress is ready for use immediately after installation.This means you do not have to “hunt, install and configure” a long list of extra things WordPress.com considers vital.



3. Flexible.

The flexibility of this tool is another feature that can not be overcome. No matter if you use it for a personal site or an online store, it is versatile enough to meet all your needs through various extensions and peculiarities.


4. Search engine friendly.

The most popular search engines prefer sites that are supported by WordPress because its structure is easy to trace.In fact, Matt Cutts of Google upheld for WordPress WordCamp in San Francisco in 2009.


5. It’s safe.

Being so popular is obvious that hackers will be interested in it.However, WordPress takes the security of its users very seriously, and constantly updates its software to prevent attacks. In fact, it has an automatic update feature since version 3.7.


6. It is customizable.

Due to the thousands of plugins and themes offered by this program, with just a click can customize your site to make it look and work as you want.


7. Easy to use.

Another good thing is that using it is easy.The platform is friendly and intuitive. In fact, you can learn to use in minutes.


8. Much support.

It has unprecedented support.This is partly due to the huge community of users who can ask a question or express concern in the forums.


9. Multimedia material.

To enhance the experience of your users, you have the option to add images, videos and audio. Luckily WordPress allows you to put your multimedia content that you edit.


10. Kid-cell.

It is more important than ever that a Web site friendly to smartphones and tablets. With WordPress you don’t need to worry about that.


11. Integration.

This tool integrates with the most powerful platforms to give your business an extra push.Need to launch a campaign by mail? You can use a service like Aweber or MailChimp


12. Easy to operate.

As I mentioned before, it is regularly updated for security reasons.However, it also notifies you when other updates to themes and plugins. This will keep you safe and cool place.


13. It is more than a blog.

Although WordPress has earned its reputation as a platform for blogs that can be installed on an existing site, it can also be used as a web site.


14. Establish a community.

Whether you share the blog posts on social networks or you communicate with visitors in the comments section, WordPress has what it takes to make a community is formed.


15. It saves you money.

Remember, it is a free software.However, that is not the only area in which you save money. Because it is quite friendly and not have to hire designers and technicians to maintain the site.


16. Many e-commerce solutions.

There are a number of solutions that will make your e-commerce site a perfect digital store.


17. You are not committed to a single provider.

If you need to change provider or host either because you can not handle the traffic or you’re frustrated, you can do so freely.WordPress works with almost all servers.


18. It makes your site look cool.

Whether you need to update your topic because you’ve had a long time or have some advantage looked something like a holiday season, you can choose from hundreds of free themes.By doing this you will have a fresh image.


19. Can be used as a membership service.

If you want to continue to grow your fan base and even earn some extra money you can make this tool in a membership site. When you do unique, people can access premium content to view.


20. Programming publications.

Having a business is a task that consumes much of your time.However, WordPress you can release some to give you the ability to program before publication. This means that no matter when complete it, you can make out when it suits you and your customers.

For example, if you’ve found that most of your traffic comes between 12:00 and 13:00 hrs on weekdays, you can make it this time.


21. Multi-user capability.

There is a great possibility that you have to rely on several people to your site keep it running.WordPress knows this and makes it easier for you that you assign different roles to individuals. Here is a summary of them:
– Super Admin. Someone who has access to all the management tools and all other characteristics.
– Administrator. Someone who has access to all the management tools within a site.
– Editor. Somebody who can publish and manage publications including those of other users.
– Author. Somebody who can publish and manage other publications.
– Subscriber. Someone who can only manage their profile.


22. Add testimonials.

Assure your customers that your products or services are worth the investment to include testimonials on your site.


23. Publish content with a click.

Did you just need to write an article and post it immediately? No problem. After having created you can publish it with the click of a button. In addition, there are a number of mobile applications that will help you no matter where you do it.


24. Universal platform.

The board of this tool is always the same, no matter what you’re wearing. No need to hire experts or spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to activate it.


25. WordPress continues to improve.

And it improves faster than you might imagine. New features and etc.

This tool can be the best of your business, I’ve been using a couple of years and I realized how powerful it is. I really recommend you try it today.


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