15+5 Reasons to start your own business | Business, Entrepreneurial Tips and Tricks

15+5 Reasons to start your own business | Business, Entrepreneurial Tips and Tricks | tinobusiness.com
15+5 Reasons to start your own business | Business, Entrepreneurial Tips and Tricks | tinobusiness.com

If you are an entrepreneur, you’ve surely heard a million reasons of not to start a business: it is very risky, you can go into debt, you will probably lose any sleep, your social life will end, and so on. But despite all these uncertainties, people still feel attracted to the business world. The reasons for taking the leap and start a business are as many as there are to do so, if not more. Here we show just a few:

1. Free time. This may not be immediate, because at first going to work longer hours for less pay. If you do it right, you can better organize your schedule and live the freedom that being an entrepreneur.


2. A story to tell. Whenever I tell someone that I have my own business, want to know what I do, how I do and how about me going. Invariably I can offer one or two stories, and the best part is that I determine sections of these stories. When people work for a company, it is likely to contribute less.



3. Tax Benefits. Entrepreneurs (including independent professionals) have the opportunity to take advantage of some tax advantages. Many can deduct expenses such as travel, food, phone bills, part of car payments, and the list goes on. In addition, certain companies are eligible to receive government incentives. Be sure to ask your accountant what tax benefits you are entitled.


4. Pride. Creating something successful is a great feeling. You had a vision, you were able to carry it out and have the satisfaction of saying: “I did this”.  In contrast, it is difficult to feel proud when you present to your employer millionth of application for contracting services.


5. Your legacy. If you’re a doctor, plumber or bus driver; it is hard to imagine that let you put your loved ones. But if you have your own business, it is something you can pass on to the next generation and be proud of it (being the creator).


6. Work Safety. Have you ever been fired? If so, you’ll understand. When em-pin safety lies in the fact that you are your own boss. You’re in charge and not have to worry about getting stranded.


7. Networking. The entrepreneurs are communal creatures. We love to meet, share stories and learn from the experiences of others. Your circle of friends and acquaintances always grows when you become an entrepreneur, as many business founders need to rely on others to survive and talk about the challenges that only they know.


8. Doing good. Although this is not exclusive to entrepreneurs, it is definitely a privilege. You can control the destiny of the profits of your company and, if so you decide to distribute such profits among others. You can even sponsor a charity or nonprofit or give back to the community in a personal capacity. Honestly, this is one of the best parts of being an entrepreneur.


9. Innovation. Humans love new experiences, but rarely discover new things from your cubicle. All this changes when you’re in charge.Start your own business you will ensure that always will face different challenges and experience something new.


10. Tutoring. Having mentors and then become one of them is one of the most rewarding experiences of life. Learn from the teachers and help the less experienced gives you great satisfaction. According to the experience of who starts a business, the entrepreneurial community is always willing to give back and help.


11. Becoming an expert. This goes hand in hand with tutoring. No matter what you do as an entrepreneur, if you persist you will probably be very good. And that will offer a kind of tribune, so use it. You will have the opportunity to give interviews because of your experience, write about it and spread your message.


12. Skills. People often ask entrepreneurs how they learned about search engine optimization, social networking, online advertising, public relations and all other marketing techniques they employ. The answer is that they have been forced to learn; otherwise, they would not have survived. In the same way they have had to learn to do a spreadsheet, create a budget and negotiate rents, some have acquired many other skills because it was the only resource they had. While developing new skills can be difficult and takes time, the results outweigh what. This experience will be invaluable throughout your life.


13. Determination. Everything you do as an entrepreneur affect your personal life. Some who started their business just over a decade did not usually commit to the changes. However, being an entrepreneur for over 10 years has forced to become more dedicated and determined. Now you can follow an exercise program much easier. The determination has acquired even driven to become better fathers and husbands.


14. Recognition. There are literally thousands of local, regional and national awards recognizing entrepreneurs and industry in each area.While this should not be your only reason to have your own business, you have to make it clear that receive these awards gives great satisfaction.


15. Financial independence. Let’s be honest: this is probably the main reason why people would undertake business on its own. And this is good! You should also seek financial independence. No matter how you define -Saving for retirement, unlimited availability of cash or have the money to buy what they want-, undertaking can afford to get. Money does not buy happiness, but it makes it much easier to find.


16. Reinvention. There are entrepreneurs who have built and sold several companies throughout his career. Each sale is an opportunity for reinvention. As an entrepreneur you can be anything you want to be, this compared to only a career and devote yourself entirely to it, which leaves you little room to reinvent yourself.


17. Change the world. Many scoff when you hear an entrepreneur say that will change the world. Let’s face it: it is difficult to imagine how an island cell phone accessories at a mall can change the world. But there are some who succeed. Look at Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin and countless entrepreneurs than they have succeeded to a greater or lesser extent.


18. Create jobs. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of knowing that you are responsible for the success of your collaborators. Your ideas have given them the opportunity to earn a living, support their families and fulfilling their own dreams.


19. Your brand. Being known for something extremely satisfying. People might start calling you “type of marketing,” “the retail expert” or “guru software”.  Whichever way you recognize, it is fun to build the brand and win that recognition.


20. Your right. This is a list of reasons why you should start a business. But what matters most is your own reason to. Which? We know it will be a good reason.



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