13 Strategies to Increase Visitors to your Blog by 50%

13 Strategies to Increase Visitors to your Blog

When you open a blog, your biggest dream is always to increase visitors, and to make every day more people who read and follow you.

More visitors mean more people who are interested in what you write, and that little recognition is what really motivates any blogger to continue improving their content.

But there is much more behind it all: if you have opened a blog because you want to live on it, attracting visitors is what will make the difference between generating good income each month, or not earning a single cent.

No matter what methods you use to monetize your blog; If no one reads it, you will not make money with it.

The beginnings of a web page or a blog are hard because at the beginning you will not receive hardly any traffic (something that is completely normal), and the fear of failure is always there stalking you.


But if there is something I have learned to be a blogger is that, when you start uploading, if you keep the same effort and work always, your blog will continue to grow at a good pace more and more.

Want to know what strategies I’ve used to increase visits to my blog in less than 5 days?

So read on and practice these 13 little tricks with which you will also get more visitors to your website or blog in a few days.


13 small tricks to increase visitors to your blog


1. Write attractive headlines for your posts

Tell me one thing: when you’re looking for something on Google, or you go to a news website, what is it that catches your eye? The headlines of the articles.

If you are looking for “losing weight” on the Internet, you will most likely click on the post that is called “7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories” over another that simply bears the title “How to Lose Weight.”

This is why you should always try to have your articles have original, fun, or specific titles that will entice people to read them.

If you write boring titles or do not provide concrete information on what your posts are going to treat, very few people will be interested in them, and that will have very few visits to your blog.

Some of the headlines that work best for attracting attention are:

  • Titles beginning with ” How to do …? “Example: Improving your Instagram photos.
  • Titles that are a guide or tutorial. Example: Step-by-step guide to creating ads on Facebook.
  • Titles beginning with ” Why …? “Example: Why your business has failed (20 reasons).
  • Titles that are tips. Example: 14 tips to get the most out of your wardrobe.
  • Titles beginning with ” The Best ” Example: Top 10 Best Homemade Recipes for Your Kids.
  • Titles that have numbers or lists. Example: 8 types of sugars that make you fat at night.
  • Titles that have words like ” types of” or “examples” Example: 5 types (or examples) of curriculum that will guarantee you a job.



2. Create quality content

You are welcome to write an article every day on your blog if that text is not good and does not contribute anything to help your potential readers.

If you write unique, original, good and quality articles, people will spend more time on your site because they will love to read what you write.

And in this way, Google will know this and reward you by putting you higher in the search results, which will mean that you will get more visitors because your blog will be more visible.

That’s why it’s so important that you focus more on quality than on the number of posts you post; It is better that every week you write only two good articles, which seven bad texts.

13 Strategies to Increase Visitors to your Blog

Something that works very well is always to offer your readers guides and tutorials with which they can solve a specific problem.

So you know: do not write anything on your blog thinking that you will receive more traffic. Concentrate on your texts being good for your readers to return to your page again and again.


3. Publish articles frequently

To increase visits to your blog, it is imperative that you be consistent and that you frequently publish articles on your site to increase the content you can offer.

Remember the previous point: it is not a question of writing a post every day that has poor quality. But you must be persevering, and establish each week a minimum of texts that you publish.

At first, you can start with a couple of articles each week, and then when you have more practice and fluency, increase them according to the time you have.

13 Strategies to Increase Visitors to your Blog

It is important that you do not be lazy and say “as this week I have written three articles, in 15 days I will not write anything else” because, at that time in which you do not publish anything, you can lose much more visitors than you believe.


4. Analyse what topics people are most looking for

A great idea to increase visits to your blog is to always be aware of what are the most fashionable topics among your readers.

The best tool you can use for this is the Google keyword planner. It’s free, and with it, you will be able to know what information is most sought after by people surfing the Internet.

How is it used? Very simple: enter the tool (you must have a Gmail account and log in), write words related to the topic of your blog, and look at the number of searches they have a month.

For example: imagine that you have a blog where you talk about plants and flowers. Look at the planner things like “gardening”, and see what other words related to this people are looking for.

As you can see in the image below, if I do that search, interesting keywords appear like indoor plants, aromatic plants, garden decoration, vertical gardens, and garden design.

They are all words that have more than 10,000 searches each month (you can see it below the “average monthly searches” box), and that means that they are interesting topics for your readers.

From there, you can write a post talking about aromatic plants, another about garden decoration, etc., and that will make you get more visits to your blog.


5. Use SEO positioning

SEO positioning is a method for articles you write on your blog to appear in the first results of Google when someone searches for words related to what you have published.

As you will be imagining, if your blog appears of the first in this search engine, the visits to your site will increase enormously.

13 Strategies to Increase Visitors to your Blog

I will not explain much more about this strategy here because in the following article you have a complete guide that explains step by step how to put this into practice: List of SEO TIPS

Read this post well because with it you will learn in a simple way how to use SEO positioning in a basic way in your blog.


6. Create profiles on different social networks

Have you forgotten about these platforms? Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest are wonderful tools to bring more visitors to your blog.

Open a profile in a couple of them with the name of your blog, and start uploading photos with links to all articles you post.

13 Strategies to Increase Visitors to your Blog

In this way, more people will be able to find you through these channels, they will start to follow you on your social networks, and they will go to visit your blog every time you publish in them new contents.

Make sure your posts are engaging, fun and original, so your audience clicks on them and draw more readers.


7. Add a sharing bar to your blog

Have you seen that on some websites like Gananci in each post appears to the left and the end of each article a kind of “bar” with icons of social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn?

Clicking on any of these icons will open a new window that will allow you to share the link to the article you are reading.

And this is one of the best ways out there today to increase visits to your blog.

By adding these “bars” to your blog, you will get your readers to share your content on their social networks. That will make your contacts and friends see it, click on them, and go straight to your website.

And of course, this way the visits to your blog will increase, and you will attract new followers who want to read everything you write.

If you have a blog in free WordPress platform, there are many free plugins you can install to get it: Digg Digg, Shareaholic, Simple Share Buttons …


8. Write guest posts for other blogs

Writing a guest article for other blogs that are of the same theme as yours is an excellent way not only to attract more visitors to your site but also to make contact with other bloggers in your community.

Look for web pages that talk about topics similar to yours, and make them the proposal to write a post so that they post it on their blogs in exchange for letting you place a link to your site.

13 Strategies to Increase Visitors to your Blog

In this way, their readers will be able to read their article, click on the link to your page, and thus you will increase the visits to your blog.

Of course, remember that the post you write must be original (you can not send them an article that you have already published on your page) and that it must have the quality to be told that you can publish it.


9. Invite other bloggers to write on your page

Here the method is the same as in the previous point, but instead of you writing for other blogs, they will send you a guest article to post on your website.

And how will this increase visits to your blog?

Because most likely that blogger tells his followers that he has written a post on your blog through their social networks, and invite them to go to your website to read it.

You do not have to go begging on the Internet and contact all the blogs you find asking them to write an article for you.

13 Strategies to Increase Visitors to your Blog

You can put a small section on your page like the one at Gananci where you invite everyone who visits you to write a guest post if you want.


10. Connect with other blog owners (exchange traffic)

The world of blogging works like any other real-world community: if you have contact with other people in the same industry, they will tell you about their friends.

On the Internet, those other “friends and contacts” is the equivalent of readers and visitors.

So the more bloggers you meet and befriend with them, the more likely they are to recommend followers to your blog to read your articles.

A good way to interact with these people is to go to conferences or meetings of bloggers that are done in your city to meet other bloggers like you in person.

But if you do not have this option at your fingertips for any reason, you can also follow them on their social networks and leave comments on their articles to enter into a relationship of friendship between both.


11. Add your blog to content aggregators

Content aggregators are web pages that gather news and articles published on other Internet sites so that their users can view posts that have been uploaded from the same subject at a glance.

And it’s a good way to increase your visitors to your blog because users of these platforms will be able to see the latest articles that you have published and go directly to your page to read them.

However, to appear in these aggregators, you will first have to register with them and add your blog to your pages to display the posts you post.

Do not worry, because this is totally free.

Some of these platforms on which you can include your blog are Meneame.net, MKTfan.com, and Paper.li.


12. Encourage your readers to leave a comment

Comments are a very important part that you must take care of because through them you can interact with your readers, see the suggestions they have to improve your blog, and also increase your number of visits.

Google monitors all the content that is published on the Internet, and when it sees that a post receives comments, it interprets it “thinking” that text has valuable information, and starts bringing it to the top position of the search results.

And being in those top positions means that more people will see your blog, and more visitors will receive.

So every time you write a post, add at the end a call to action like “leave me a comment if you liked what you read” or a question so your readers leave a comment.


13. Recycle your old posts

The last “trick” to increase visits to your blog is to recycle posts you published a while ago (months or even years) using different techniques.

For example, you can re-share it on your Facebook or Twitter so your followers will read it.

Or revise it by adding new keywords, changing the headline, adding other images, and republishing it again with a more current date.

As you can see, these 13 strategies are simple and you can put them into practice easily to increase visits to your blog so that your blog grows more and more until you become one of the best referents in your industry.

And you, what do you think about this post and did u learn something new from it? Leave a comment and let’s have a warm conversation 🙂 Stay well!

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