10+2 Twitter tools: management, monitoring and analysis

10+2 Twitter tools: management, monitoring and analysis | tinobusiness.com
10+2 Twitter tools: management, monitoring and analysis | tinobusiness.com

A key decision for the good management of Twitter is to choose the right tools. Forget connected throughout the day to the web version of Twitter, that’s counterproductive and spends much time you can use on more productive tasks such as generating quality content.


Here is a list of some of the best tools for managing Twitter, monitoring all activity related to your brand and industry, and to analyze everything that happens on social networks.


Management Tools


  • hootsuite_iconHootsuite : This tool allows you to manage one or multiple accounts of Twitter and other social networks like Google+ or Facebook. Its structure allows monitoring column mentions, private messages, timeline, relevant searches for your industry, people talking about your brand and Twitter lists.


  • TweetDeck : it is a tool like Hootsuite desktop that allows full management. He noted for its usability.


  • BufferApp : it is a tool with a simple interface whose main object is to schedule updates at times that decide to almost zero effort and measure the results of each tweet (scope, responses, number of retweets and favorites).



Monitoring tools


  • 600f9f67899413ceec0477cdc8985fc9Mention.net : is an online monitoring tool with which you can be aware of all the references that occur in your brand, company, name or competence in social networks, websites or blogs. Its price varies depending on the volume of mentions that are generated on a monthly basis.


  • SocialMention : similar to Mention.net can monitor all activity on internet easily.




  • Google Alerts : This service allows you to generate notifications when Google search engine indexes the content that matches the keywords and set criteria.The truth is that since 2012 its effectiveness is in serious doubt, and its use is declining.


Analysis Tools


  • Topsy : excellent analytical tool for everything that happens on Twitter. Topsy is a search engine that allows to know all the activity that occurs on Twitter.

FireShot Screen Capture # 124 - 'Topsy - social Instant insight' - topsy_com

  • Tweriod : Do you ever wonder what is the best time to publish content? This tool is the solution. Tweriod is responsible for analyzing the slots where your followers are most active so you can post in moments in which visibility will.Combined with the management tools that we have seen above is a winning combination.


  • TweetReach : is an excellent tool to measure the number of prints and scope of hashtags.


  • Klout : Though controversial for the criteria used, Klout is very simple indicator of authority of every Twitter account. With a scale of 0 (minimum) to 100 indicates how influential is each user.


  • FollowerWonk : This is a search engine within Twitter. By based on keywords and / or location search this tool shows you the accounts that meet these criteria you can filter by number of followers, tweets and number of accounts that follow and can connect with interesting people in your industry .



  • Google Analytics : Like any branch of online marketing, it is vital to measure whether Twitter is carrying traffic and conversions to the website. Google Analytics allows you to track the traffic sources> Social.



As you know, much of your success depends on your Twitter work and the tools. However, everyone has their favorite tools, what’s yours?



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