10+1 tips to succeed in a job interview | HR experts Tips

10+1 tips to succeed in a job interview | HR experts Tips | tinobusiness.com
10+1 tips to succeed in a job interview | HR experts Tips | tinobusiness.com

HR experts explain how to perform successfully when it is being evaluated for a job.

The job interview is the dreaded instance, where in a few minutes in front of a complete stranger, a candidate must prove their conditions to achieve the desired work.

The applicant faces a thorough evaluation. His image, his skills, his loquacity and even their movements are analyzed at all times. For all this, it is natural to fall into situations anxiety and nervousness. However, the candidate may significantly reduce the negative context if it conforms to certain rules of etiquette:


1. Punctuality:



Punctuality involves both arrive too early and too late. The first case can be interpreted as trait anxiety, and late as disinterest or irresponsibility. If a complication that leads to a delay should call and advise, in addition to apologize as soon as the encounter takes shape with the interviewer appears.



2. Accuracy of the answers:


A good interviewer can easily realize if the candidate is lying with the contents of your CV and during the interview. If the lack of accuracy is revealed, it becomes a cause for final disposal of the person.



3. Knowledge of the company:


Not possess basic company information represents little interest in the position to be filled; It requires knowledge of the industry and a minimum in the history of the company in question.



4. Clothing and adequate picture:


There is always a “dress code” according to the company or industry concerned. It is important to respect and always neat and presented with the greatest possible formality.



5. Non-verbal communication: 

Body “he says” more than words. It is important to an upright posture and tone of voice strong and convincing. While the interview may be an uncomfortable time for candidates, make permanent eye contact with the interviewer is also showing respect and interest. Move much hands and body is a sign of anxiety.



6. Do not generate interrupts: 

Watch the clock all the time, paper, cell or fidgeting make the focus of the interview changes. Care must be taken interviewer, never leave the phone turned on and less take a call.



7. Neither lack of expressiveness or overconfidence:W

hile being too secretive or evasive is not suitable, a relaxed interview environment should not confuse the candidate and cross the threshold of informality. Do not forget that they are always evaluated.



8. Proper use of language

In the same way as above, the language and terms used must be formal; crude, rude or colloquial terms may damage the image of the candidate.



9. Do not criticize or previous employment comrades:


Remember that industries are women and today you can access all kinds of information. Yes you can speak a little positive experience within an organization but add negative opinions or personal assessments.



10. Do not focus on the remuneration:

In a first interview is seen as a negative since it is still unclear job responsibilities and personal skills. The interview focuses on the history and skills of the candidate for the position.



11. Investigating the process:


Not to ask questions about how the process continues, estimated or expectations of the company shows little interest in the vacancy. We must seek to know the next step and how to communicate the next step.


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