10+ How to Make Money with Google Adsense on Blogger.com

10+ How to Make Money with Google Adsense on Blogger.com | tinobusiness
10+ How to Make Money with Google Adsense on Blogger.com | tinobusiness

Making money online seems too good to be true, but a modest income can be done with the hard work and compromise. Blogger.com offers free blog hosting and easy to use templates so you can create your site web, with integrated functionality Adsense. Adsense is a pay per click advertising in which advertisers pay for Adsense  ads on their behalf, while web publishers charge a small amount each time a visitor clicks on an ad placed on your site or blog website. Build your own blog and enable Adsense works for a supplemental income.


How to Make Money with Google Adsense on Blogger.com

1. Decide on a concept for the blog. Choose a topic you have knowledge or interest. To make money from a website, you must be able to generate traffic. Remember that the real content attracts traffic and good content is much easier to create, if you are familiar or very interested in the topic you’re writing. If you’re a gardener, for example, start a blog of gardening. Keep in mind three factors when making your final decision:


2. Create brand image. Choose a different name that is easy to remember. Check if the name you have chosen is available on Blogger.com, as well as email and Twitter. If so, open accounts to ensure the name before someone else does. Your URL Blogger.com include the word “blogspot” but Blogger.com also offers the option of publishing a domain rather than its free blogspot address. If the name you have chosen is available as a domain and can pay the monthly cost of hosting, your domain purchase. Create an avatar or logo and uses the same everywhere.




3. Build your blog. Spend some time to research and display of successful blogs to study their composition. Blogger.com is easy to use templates with gadgets that are easy to add. Enter features such as “followers” that allow people to follow your blog and be notified when new post content. To protect its advertisers, Adsense requires that your blog has a legitimate content, so do not monetise your blog yet.

4. Create high-quality content that offers useful information to your readers. Written with proper grammar and spelling. Write short, concise and valuable messages that make readers mark your site as a favorite and return. Use humor, but still professional. Each keyboard is published blow potentially permanent, because its content can be copied and sent before having the opportunity to edit or delete, so never say anything inflammatory or negative. Learn about search engines optimizing optimizing, which is the art of designing and writing web content for search engines to find your blog more easily and infuse your writing with a lot of search phrases relevant to your topic.



5. Enrich your site with images. Buy pictures or take pictures yourself. Remember that when you do “right click, save as” any picture from the web, you’re stealing, unless that picture is specifically marked as free for use. The Microstock agencies are more affordable than traditional photography factory or hire a photographer, although at reduced cost will lose the exclusivity of image and run the risk that the images you buy they can be seen elsewhere. Examines the “free” sections of the agencies to see if any of the images appearing meet your needs.


6. Monetize your blog. While you are connected to your Dashboard, click the “Monetize” tab and complete the information requested. Adsense review your site for the legitimacy and viable content. Once your blog is approved, occupies your site with ads.


7. Study Adsense rules and follow them carefully. Adsense account disabled without warning for violation of its rules and policies. They have an appeal process, but there is no guarantee that you will be reinstated; once you’ve lost your Adsense account, you can not open another.




8. Advertising above the fold is seen by most readers of newspapers and the same applies for websites. Place at least one ad on the line of travel to your readers see it without having to scroll down. Avoid inserting too many ads, as this will make your site look like spam.

9. Advertise your site. Make an online network through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Leave comments on other blogs, but only if you have something constructive and positive to say about your content, do not tell only to ask them to visit your site. List your website address to your email signature and ask friends who visit.


10.Work every day. Add quality content on a regular basis. Three high-quality publications a week is better than three quick and sloppy per day publications. On days when you’re not publishing works on the network, and also works on research and learn.


Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available about blogging for money by keeping a notebook to list the topics you would like to investigate. That way you will not feel pressured to learn everything at once and you can refer to the list whenever you have a moment to get something.
  • Be patient and remember that you will not see as much income as you want at first.
  • Never tell your friends and family to click on your ads. These are called invalid clicks and result in the permanent removal of your Adsense account.



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